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  1. Zehel
    Welcome everyone.

    This group is for all who like Sunrise's anime series Tiger & Bunny.

    Here are the main T&B threads on the forum:

    Tiger & Bunny general discussion thread

    Tiger & Bunny episode downloads (host links)

    Tiger & Bunny gallery
  2. DangerousAngel
    Thanks for making a Tnb group, glad to joined
  3. mizuno9
    everyone, I'm loving the series and I cant wait for the next episode

  4. Hikouseki
    Hi everyone!
    I just joined after watching the series. I loved every minute! Also, I shared some pics I hope you like!
  5. dharmaserenity
    Hiya! *waves* I totally love the series. Such sweetness between these two. <3
  6. sephykoi
    Eeee I love this series!!! Any good recommended Bunny x Tiger doujinshi?
  7. Holt
    Anything from UNKY is sure to stir...happy feelings. The art is gorgeous also.
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