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Season 2 and OVAs

  1. meryvamp
    Hey all,
    Season 2 will be released shortly. Here is the link to pre-order your copy. They also have it available in Blu-Ray but for some reason the price has not gone down yet. I'm sure it will, though.
    It will be out October 18th.

    I can't remember all that happened in the second season, but as soon as I get my copy, we can all post what we think in this discussion.

    I'm glad they aren't selling the OVAs separately
  2. meryvamp
    Ugh. Just got a notice from Amazon. My copy of DTB season 2 won't be coming till the second week of November! Are you kidding me?! WTH?! I'm soooo mad! I want it NOW! I guess I'll just preoccupy my time by rewatching the first season yet again

    [Edit]: WOOP, WOOP!!!
    My copy of the second season just shipped. Should get here by midweek next week. Soooo excited!!! I'm such a dork
  3. meryvamp
    So, I was always confused by Season 2's ending. Anybody else? And then I read this explanation for it, which I think clears up some of the questions I had when all the credits start rolling at the end.

    1) Izanami (Yin's observation apparition) and Izanagi (Suo or some part of Suo?) merge into one and have a son, who is supposed to bring about the end of the world. This is the weird image that looks like a boy Yin that we see at the end.

    2) While they are still in Hell's Gate and before (?) Izanami kills Suo, Hei apparently gains his powers back (I believe because the same circumstances as Season 1's ending were present), and uses them to separate Yin from Izanami. So if there is EVER a Season 3, Yin will now be separate from her weird look-a-like child. Creepy.

    3) And Suo didn't die but was sent with July to Shion's "alternative world," where July is now a real boy. Hmm...where is this "alternative world"? And what does it mean? Is is like what we saw at the end of Season 1 where Hei saw all of his dead friends and his sister? Is is a place where all contractors and dolls....and possibly humans can co-exist peacefully? Where no boundaries are made?

    UGH! So many questions left unanswered

    But I think this was how Season 2 was meant to be interpreted, but I could be totally off. So please add your thoughts, too!
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