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The Best of the Contractors

  1. meryvamp
    Hmm, let's list some of the best contractors

    I'll list my top five (in no particular order):

    1) Havoc because her power is soooo sinister Power: vaccum creation; Price: Drinking children's blood
    2) Harvest: He's in the 3rd book. Power: Matter disintegration; Price: Swallowing round things
    3) Jean: 1st season ep. 1 and 2. Power: Substitute matter, or the guy who could rip out someone's heart and place it somewhere else Price: Arranging things methodically and ruining it
    4) Wei Zhijun: The blood guy. Power: Blood induced matter transportation; Price: Spilling his own blood
    5) Hei of course! Power: Molecular manipulation; Price: None

    Any one else have some favorites they wanna share?
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