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What superpower do you want?

  1. meryvamp
    Yup, I had to ask. This is the whole reason I love/started watching DTB. SUPERPOWERS!!!!

    Notable contract powers: telepathy, teleportation, Pyrokinesis, Molecular Manipulation (Hei), and Matter Disintegration (Harvest)

    My answer: Okay, so the power I'd want (don't think there is a name for it) but the power to suck up all other contractors' powers when they touched me or came into contact with me. There would probably have to me a specific way for me to absorb their power (i.e., shock them or stun them into submission somehow while I would absorb their contracting power). But slowly, I'd get more powerful once I'd collected more and more contractors' powers, so that's why I'd want this power

    It is somewhat similar to Rogue from X-Men, but extremely similar to Skylar from Heroes (if you've ever seen it). I'd highly recommend it.
    Since this contracting power does not exist yet, I think DTB will soon create a character for it *fingers crossed*

    Anyway, what do you all think? Which superpower/contracting power would you want? You can even say which contractor you'd like to be
  2. Kankuroadic
    Hmm, that's hard. I think it would be cool to have it where I could transform into anyone I've ever spoken with. That would be awesome! Oh, and my price would be that I would have to count all 52 cards in a deck (:
  3. meryvamp
    Oh that's right Kankuro, I forgot my price! I also liked your power as well. Can't go wrong with transformation

    Welp since my contracting power most likely makes me a killer, making my price something polar opposite only makes sense.
    My price would be to have to cuddle with someone for a full minute, any 'ole stranger will do
    This would be torture for me since I'd only be using my power to kill other contractors to gain their powers, and I'd probably long since be devoid of all emotions and therefore, afraid of human contact.
    Not to mention, I really do hate cuddling
  4. Kankuroadic
    Hate. Cuddling...... Those two words do not belong in the same sentence
  5. meryvamp
    Haha, I suppose you could say I'm the weirdest girl you will ever meet. But I really do hate cuddling...oops, I said it again I'm not much for cuddling in bed or holding hands. Perhaps I was emotionally damaged at some point, but it just feels like I'm being smothered. *Shrugs* I don't know. Someone has yet to analyze me
  6. mimithenumberon
    before i share my idea i just have to say.............YOU HATE CUDDLING??!!! thank god! i thought i was the only one...........thought i was an alien girl or something anyway......back to the discussion at hand. This may sound a bit on the dreamer side but wouldn't it be cool if i could create anything i imagine into real life. like if i wanted a castle......BOOM! I have it!
    but i have to consider a price.........it would have to be, counting to ten out loud. may sound lame, but i have a phobia of talking to myself. i keep thinking others think im crazy and i get paranoid like crazy..........(man i am so strange)
  7. meryvamp
    @mimi: Your power sounds dangerous. Thinking of anything you want could have benefits and drawbacks. Have you ever seen Ghostbusters? I think it was the first one where he ended up thinking of that giant evil marshmallow guy? It just accidentally pops into his head

    And I actually like your price. It would really suck to have to wait for 10 seconds for a contractor.

    And about the whole talking out loud thing....I do that quite often. I live alone, but I justify it by saying I am talking to my cat
  8. mimithenumberon
    i guess it would have its drawbacks.......but in my non-profesional opinion, the more dangerous the more fun and the more power! nothing good is ever free........so true.
    hmmm.........talking to my cat..........that's a good idea. mind if i steal it?
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