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  1. meryvamp

    Hi, my name is meryvamp.
    I couldn't believe that there wasn't a group for Darker than Black! Man, I love this show/manga.
    I'll admit off the bat I'm in love with Hei
    I already own Darker than Black the first season on DVD, and hope they'll release the second one dubbed soon.
    Hmm, let's see the reason I decided to watch DTB was probably because it was listed as one of the top animes, and I like action anime. I watched the first episode, and though, some of the termnolgoy was confusing (they just throw "contractors" and "Hell's Gate" at you without explanation) I was still hooked by the action and uh, Hei

    I look forward to chatting with everyone!
  2. mimithenumberon
    hello there, mimi here! it's been a while since i last saw this manga/anime but seeing this group it all came back to me. i guess i'm like meryvamp in my love (*cough* obsession *cough*) with Hei. i mean listen to the name! It's awsome!

    though i have to admit the manga was all over the place and the anime didn't fit in, but by god, it's so awsome!!! i also adored the opening of the anime.........my heart is beating like crazy!!! GO HEI!
  3. meryvamp
    @ mimi: Glad to have you!
    And I know this technically isn't an introduction, but well, because you mentioned it, I just had to post this:

  4. mimithenumberon
    *heart beating like mad* YAY! this just made my day! thank you so much for posting this meryvamp!
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