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Cats lovers

  1. Ptah
    I don't have much of a choice, I guess...
    though I don't have one of theses adorable fur balls, I've always find a peculiar liking in them...

    yay for purring felines
  2. Dragoness_blade
    a cat lovers group! Awesome-sauce!!
    I love cats!! XD
    *hugs my kitty*
  3. blu chocobo
    blu chocobo

    I love cats!

    Too bad they only love me when I feed them! XD
  4. Lent
    Uwah, I'm gonna flood you with pics of my two lovely cats, you will wish I had never joined this group.
  5. Dragoness_blade
    My bucky Don-don, oh i just love that little monster! XD
  6. Davy
    Forgot, my cat's name is Meow. X3

    @lent: show us show us!!! :3
  7. KunoichiAddy
    How could I not join this group?! I will soon be adding 4 pics of my babies, past and present. Iruka and Kitsune are gone, but I still have Sasuke, Naruto, and Neji (Bonnie is my mom's, but I had to share the picture of Naruto and her cuddling!).
  8. Lent
    @Davy I will!! I have to look for them, I have tons of them on my other PC. Btw, what happened to your cat? He/she is so cute.
  9. suhi
    added a pic of my kitty
  10. Dragoness_blade
    whoa! Suhi, ur cat looks evil! xD i love it!!
    @Davy, it's a boy! my fat boy!
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