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  1. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    Welcome all who love (or just kinda like) Saiyuki. Speak up. Let us know who you are. Share the love, or don't. I don't care as long as you have some fun!
  2. Sanzo~ryu
    Sanzo is the Man!!!!!
  3. dharmaserenity
    I'm actually a 5/8 girl myself and I love Kougaiji and Dokugakuji as a pairing too.
  4. Blue_Star
    Goyjo is sleazy love <3333 Thanks for making this group!
  5. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    Oh boy people!! Welcome and thanks for joining.
    Thanks Sanzo~ryu for being the first to join. Luv ya.
    @dharmaserenity yay, a fellow 5/8 fan! Kou and Doku could be fun too.
    @Blue_Star gotta love Gojyo! and thank you for joining.
  6. arkan
    Hi all, I am a die hard saiyuki fan. So I kinda figured this would be the place to be to satisfy my saiyuki curiosity.
  7. kunitsu
    Yay a Saiyuki group

    My favorite is Goku both in his childish and Seiten Taisen form <333
  8. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    Anyone seen the first or second part of the Burial OVA? I can't wait for the next one since it is Gojyo and Hakkai's part...they're my favorites
  9. Blue_Star
    Well, I've seen the first one that centers around Sanzo. It was sad

    My pair's unpopular. I've found I'm one of the few that's like 'Hooray GenjouxSha' >>...XD
  10. kunitsu
    Eh I still have to donwload the Burial, anyone know where I can download it
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