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  1. Sorryll
    Sooo excited for the Gaiden OVA. Like, unhealthily so. Beautiful 10K cosplay pics keep appearing on tumblr and making me fangirl.
  2. genjyosgirl
    Hello, everyone. New here. For fans of the manga, I read yesterday that Minekura-sensei is back at work on Saiyuki Reload Blast, and the next chapter will be out next month...I'm super excited! I wonder how she's gonna bring it all to a close.
  3. Cteel
    I just found the manga series recently and am Loving it! I looked a bit at the first episode of the anime (in both subbed and dubbed) and didnt feel that it was as good as the manga so far(yeah I think Im truly biased now!) I just got to volume 3 of reloaded and it is awesome! I love all four of these guys! They act so true to their astrological signs that its not even funny! I love how they interact with eachother and how theres yaoi vibes all over it if you look carefully. I personally love Sanzo and Gojyo as a pairing and have really enjoyed the fanfics Ive read so far with them, I think I may also like Sanzo and Hakkai, also Im not generally one for shota but I feel a strong shipping of Kou and Goku for some reason. Anyway, guess I'll stop my rambling here for now though I do say,...I wanna Jeep! hes just sooo cute and adorable!
  4. sapphireleo
    Hmm plz plz let this stay alive..TT^TT yes anyone consider even tho goku and gojyo play fight alot there's a secret bond like we've seen in a few eps sooooo cute ..I also really wanna pair up hakuryu aka jeep with goku.. Kou x dou and i'm all for kou x goku but since theve been covered already so...^^
  5. sanousuke
    Yesssssss!!! I found a group that loves saiyuki........ Thank you for making this group, seriously...... Ah, yes, I forgot to mention that I have just recently joined this club
  6. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    It's nice to be back and to see that there is still some activity here. Thanks everyone. @sanousuke: Welcome and thanks for joining!
    So how has everyone been?

    The Gaiden OVA came out a while back and I must say that I was thrilled to see that most of the original voice actors were back. Nataku was a little odd being blonde all of a sudden but I'll take it if it means finally finding out what happened to the guys and how they got booted from the heavens. I also got to meet David Matranga (Sanzo's original English voice actor) at a convention recently so all in all this has been a good year for Saiyuki related happenings so far. I can't wait to see what happens next.
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