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  1. dharmaserenity
    Gah, I need to download it too. lol. I'm so lame.
  2. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    I wish I knew where to download it. I so hope we get to see all of youkai Hakkai instead of teasing us like in the manga.
    @Blue_Star: It might not be my favorite pairing (that doesn't mean I won't read a fanfic or two) but Sanzo x Gojyo is one of the more popular pairs I've seen in fanfics and such.
    @arkan: who is your favorite character?
  3. Tsukuyomi_Amaterasu
    Hello :3 I'm Tsukuyomi and I love Saiyuki to Pieces! XD I think my favorite pairings are Sanzo/Goku , Kougaji/Goku, or Homura/Goku.... Maybe Goku the Uke in general XD oh and I like Gyojo/Hakkai , Hakkai seems to gentle to be seme...unless he was in his Youkai form...

    @Little White Dragon: I thought they show a whole show down between Youkai!Goku and Youkai!Hakkai in the 7th volume of the Manga. I mean they showed a full body shot art work ^^"

    BTW I would like to know if I may add pictures to the group ;3 please and thank you!
  4. kunitsu
    @Tsukuyomi: Sure you can add some pics, I am sure everyone will appriciate it
  5. Tsukuyomi_Amaterasu
    @Kunitsu: ok :3 Thank you!
  6. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    @Tsukuyomi_Amaterasu: I'm sorry. What I meant was in the burial arc of the manga we didn't get to see Hakkai after he took his limiters off. I want to see that part animated since we don't see much of his youkai form in the anime. As for the showdown between him and Goku...all I can say is WOW! It was awesome. (drool) And I would love it if you added some pictures.
  7. Tsukuyomi_Amaterasu
    I hope to put up some pictures, but I guess I have to post a fair amount before I do...It won't allow me to -.-

    @Little White Dragon:
    There was a Burial Arc for the manga? Wow O.o That is amazing! Boy do I sound stupid. hmm... I can't wait to read the Burial Arc then :3 I'm sorry about that misunderstanding ^^'
  8. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    @Tsukuyomi_Amaterasu: No need to apologize, I should have clarified. As for the Burial arc, I believe it is in the 3rd and 4th volumes of the Reload manga and it is what the Burial OVAs are based on. It's pretty spiffy, you should check it out.

    I tried to play with the pictures and had no luck but I'm not very computer savvy. Anyone else know how to get it to work or know why it isn't working?
  9. dharmaserenity
    I think you have to first load them onto the photo album on your account. Then try loading them here.
  10. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    OMG! It worked! Yay!
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