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Teen-to-stay or Veteran?

  1. notforsale
    This is the question.

    Shall I begin?

    I got into yaoi pretty soon after I got into manga and anime in general, and that happened around the time I was in middle school. I have been lurking on Aarin since it was on GeoCities, but due to my rather lacking internet connection at the time, I had to stick to only downloading manga. I became a mass yaoi downloader the moment I got high speed Internet, and I've had this account ever since. That was in 2005. I'm in my twenties now, and I'm not going anywhere...
  2. Haj08
    Shall I begin with what?? ->> the Discussion ot the Teen-To-Stay or Veteran??
  3. notforsale
    Umm yeah. Although I already did without having waited for an answer :P
  4. halo26
    Shall I Begin?? hmm Teen-to-Stay

    i think ive been an otaku since 2009 .. i guess .. the moment we got an internet connection .. and around that time , i think i dont like yaoi/yuri coz .. hmm .. i dnt think its appropriate .. but eversince i got to read a manga wid a yaoi genre, that was a year ago, my thoughts changed .. its becoz .. the stories are very good .. its like uhm .. normal for me .. bcoz most of its characters are students and its funny .. i mean the plot .. and ive been here 2 days ago .. hehe .. really an amateur .. and a big yaoi fangirl
  5. mjestaris

    i started being into yaoi in 6th grade. at first i was only into regular manga and anime. i didn't think that yaoi anime and manga existed. at first i only went to youtube for yaoi then i found aarinfantasy. now ever since sixth grade i stay up or wake up early on summer to watch or read yaoi. i've been in aarinfantasy for almost a year(?) now and it's fun here.
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