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  1. kurorinslvr
    hi i am so glad, i though about to create a group about clamp. i love XXXholic, Doumeki Watanuki, Legal drug, X, Tsubasa. Doumeki x Watanuki are my favorite pair. I just love them and how is going with the manga chapter, it wouldn't surprised if a see some shounen ai in there
  2. dexluv77
    Waii!!! That's not all... it may be old school, but I am in luuuuurve with 99% of the bishies in Magic Knight: Rayearth! ................. No, come to think of it, I'm pretty sure it's all 100% And y'know, should they all decide to have a male slumber party-style pillow fight, I'd be down for that >D

    I also love X, Suki (it was different but I still liked it), Legal Drug, Chobits (I have an unhealthy obsession with Kokubunji )... I think that's all I've read/seen so far... Oh, well I have Shirahime-syo and The One I Love, but neither of those really has any bishies ^^;; Anyways, Rikuo x Kazahaya is my favorite pair meheheh... I wish they'd finish that series -_-;;
  3. Miko hanyou
    Miko hanyou
    Clamp always tease their fan, especially with the yaoi fangirls. I love Doumeki x Watanuki from xxxHolic and Rikuo x Kazahaya from Legal Drug.
  4. no_niq
    Hey.. Welcome there XD Yeaahhh.. How could I let Clamp abandoned... Awww... Doumeki x Watanuki is awesommeee... The'y re too cute, I tried to look pairing for Saoran but I couldnt' find it.. Hahahaa... But I guess I love Kamui at my most.. Hahahaa
  5. StrawberrySama
    Doumeki x Watanuki... totally, it is the best. I love them SO much >.<
    Damn it, CLAMP... why do you tease the fangirls so? Do you enjoy our pain?

    ... I think they do. >x<
  6. dexluv77
    Alright, I've heard a lot about Doumeki x Watanuki, but I've never read xxxHolic, so I'm just gonna have to start collecting them, aren't I? *caves under peer pressure and curiosity*
  7. HokaHoka
    This club is for real??
    KYAA...I love the Clamp art...and the best pairing for me from all series made by them are:
    KuroganexFay *I think I wrote right...LOL*
    Thanks a lot for the invitation..so happy...thanks a lot seriously

  8. no_niq
    @strawberry-sama : Yeaaahh.. I hate it when I always see DAMN CUTE boys from Cla,p.. It suffers me soooo...

    And everyone always says that Clamp never intends to make such Yaoi in their art.. But howw comeee ???? It is always there.. There and there and there -*point out point out*- I loook at Touya from CCS.. And how come they ddnt say tad as Yaoi ??? Hahaha... They always create Yaoi on them XD~~~

    @HokaHoka : Hahaha.. Yeah.. I knew it.. Welcome here XD
  9. HokaHoka
    @no_niq: hee hee how can't I came here...
    This is such a beautiful social group...MUAAHH
  10. HokaHoka
    Just to tell I add new pictures^^
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