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The one's reading the MANGA; Whom does 'Oga' likes/chooses??

  1. water444
    This has to be ONE of thy only straight manga that I'm actually interested in and wonders whom he likes..I ACTUALLY like 'Hilda'..I guess I LIKE your NON-TYPICAL cliche JAPANESE female type anime/manga character. Hilda isn't annoying!! That's point to HER!!

    So, anybody has any clue..I can't seem to find anyone whom knows or seems to have a clue as to whom Oga might like?!?!

    Reason why I JOINED this group..

  2. Caboose
    I say Hilda. At least I hope Hilda >> The other toss-head annoys the **** outta me. ;\

    But, if I'm to be honest, and if I were to guess as to who Oga likes, I'd say neither of them. He seems to be remarkably oblivious to anything that could be sexual or whatever the ****. In a way it's a good thing, I don't think I've watched or read any manga or anime yet that didn't have a main character with at least a little attraction to one of the other characters.

  3. mimithenumberon
    i'd have to agree with Hilda. Mainly because she's the only woman that's able to kick his ass. Thank god she's not a sakura; i hate those types!!! She's also so mysterious and she seems to know what's going on most of the time. Her independant character, i think, really flows with Oga's aloofness........but like Caboose said, i don't think Oga really gives a ****............oh well, his loss!!
  4. teshuchuan
    people who read the latest chapter(vol 15 chapter 177) can tell oga is supppeer nice to memory-loss hilda! hope that they'll end up together!
  5. susi110
    Oga does like the memory-loss Hilda. but other than that he really doesn't show any emotions that he likes anyone.
  6. water444
    Really?? EVEN NOW?? No-One at all??? That's sad..I kinda stopped reading the manga since it's pretty slow and now, maybe I'll catch up.

    Thanks for the response..I know it's VERY LATE!
  7. water444
    Since the manga has ended and I have yet to read it and too those that have, whom does he like, LIKE?!

    Would be much appreciated if it was answered.

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