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Naono Bohra Fans

  1. shattered
    Naono Bohra is definitely a mangaka queen, not only are all of her art very beautiful, she's always got a great sense of humour in all her stories and her chibis are just adorable!!!
  2. Talasca
    *spent yesterday evening re-reading all of Naono Bohra-sensei's mangas...again* I don't like middle aged men but I can't help but love them in sensei's mangas. Her style is plain amazing. ^^
  3. shattered
    Me too! somehow those oyaji are so endearing in her manga!
  4. Anai
    Oh my god! I just love her works. They're soo cute and funny ! I love her art too it's soo characteristic!
  5. kumi-kun
    oh well maybe I'm not a harcore fan but I love her stories because of the orginality and sometimes just plain weirdness
    and her art is so orginal it rocks too<3
  6. Blue
    I love, love, love her work. One of my favorite mangas is Covetous you and Insensible me. It's so cute when they are eating and the brunet catches a crumb in the blond's cheek and he eats the crumb! And after that the brunet is so embarrassed!
    I really enjoy when her uke is older than seme ^^ usually they are too lovely and make me smile all the time when I'm reading.
  7. Ryos_love
    Yes, she is a genius all right! I'm glad there are others out there that share my admiration!
  8. Anai
    @Blue your right I love older ukes too ...
  9. SunlilyQ
    I love this woman. I mean, I really freaking love this woman. She's tackled everything in her works. From blindness, deafness, deformities, vamps, wolves, older ukes, younger semes, shorter semes, taller ukes, demons, abusive rents. She can do no freaking wrong!

    At the moment it's hard to think of just one as my favorite, so I'll go with the the top three. A Cowards Happiness, The Loquacious Finger, Covetous You, Insensible Me, Fingertip's love, Itsuka no Himitsu, and Three Wolves Mountain.

    Okay, so it was the top five.
  10. Anai
    I love Three Wolves Mountain it's cute ... But wait a moment all her works are cute
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