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Describe a pervy conversation or thought.

  1. Eccentric
    There are many experinces a pervy person goes through. Name a situtation , thought, or conversation that was perverted.
  2. Zpmbiezumba
    Welll... I have a story. Back when I was in high school I was in choir. It was at the end of my last year. I had just finished my end-of-the-year test and had the rest of the block free. I for some reason found myself in the boy's changing room, which was empty because there was a class going on and everyone was outside (I guess). A certain idea pops into my head. I go into the lost and found and find a pair of boxers and I begin sniffing them. Now, I'm not usually into that kind of thing, but right then it was seriously turning me on. I semi-raided the changeroom and bagged like 10 pairs of underwear. I even went so far as to ask one of the P.E. teachers if any jockstraps had turned up "seeing as I'd lost mine". LOL I dunno if this is too much, but... well, you asked for it... :P
  3. junjunpanda
    Hahah jockstraps?! Classic..... But yeah..... Idk what to say now...
  4. junjunpanda
    Well I do have to say its not too much, jockstraps are pretty freaking hot!!
  5. notforsale
    I don't know about jockstraps...

    I had classmate in high school whom I had successfully introduced to yaoi. We would just sit our asses on the bench during PE classes and stare at the younger boys doing their warm-ups. We'd couple them together, and most of the time we'd agree on the Uke / Seme roles. Needless to mention we'd imagine them far beyond the "holding hands" phase...
  6. junjunpanda
    Thats cool dont worry I think a lot of people do that me and my friend talk about guys all the time! ;D
  7. yaoifreakfourli
    I remeber one time during my sophmore or junior year of high school I sat at this table with one of my friends and lets just say that all the conversations at that table were xxx rated their were no squeaky clean minds and if their were they got corrupted. Anyway one day I forgot to bring my home made lunch to school so I had to get cafeteria food and the special in the line I went to was Spagethi and these two garlic breadsticks.

    So when I finally get my food and get back to the table and sit down I'm about to dig into the gross school food when one of my friends at the table randomly says those look like edible dildo's on your plate. My first reaction when he said that was this and then me and everyone at the table pretty much bursted into a fit of laughter and continued the dicussion of the edible dildos and all the possible flavors if they ever existed. Best day ever.
  8. KoutaOodoi
    Well considering my head is always full of them... and everyone is talking about high school.

    A friend and I around our third year in high school never went to class. We were stereotyped as "Goth" children (which I'm not denying) and ended up standing in the hallway that linked the three corridors against the wall, just staring and talking like it was normal. That... or we were the first two at cancer corner. And no matter where we were at, we had a group of "Fan girls" close behind, unless class was in because they were all too nerdy to skip. So one day, I nudge my friend and point at the massive group of fan girls and lean into his ear, producing a few squee's from them as I did so. I suggested then, "We should give them some fan service." And he agreed. It started out PG, with smiles and little kisses and nibbles here and there, and then progressed into full on heavy petting and making out. And before we knew it he was shirtless beneath me and the whole school was staring at us. We came to our senses just as we were going to be told to go to the office, and I ended up stealing him away to my house which was conveniently across the street. The fan girls got worse... but no one ****ed with us for a long while.
  9. NightFo
    I'm sitting in class, and one of my friends poke his tongue out of his cheek, and starts wiggling it around. I nod and he start laughing. It took me a qhile to get what that meant.
  10. ouiaboo
    A game I played with my friends at sleepovers was uke or seme, and because it was just us females, we would talk in detail about our male friends and would ship them, describe what kind of ways they would have sex, and of course who would be uke or seme. Often they would turn into rather silly conversations because these were our friends we were talking about, yet we would still talk about the position they would have sex in, where they would do it, and why they would do it, i.e what brought the sex on. However this would mean that we would go back to school and see our male friends and end up either blushing or laughing our heads off each time we saw them. Depending on how intimate we would make the sex scenes, which sometimes ended up being pretty intimate.

    As well I had this one friend who whenever I would have sleepovers with, we would talk about the guys we would like to sleep with, and I remember in one instance she asked me about any teachers I would like to sleep with, as she had been reading a lot of student teacher kink, and wanted to know. Of course, I ended up talking about our student teacher for French. She then decided to describe an entire sex scene based around him and I. Meaning, I could never face him again.
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