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Describe a pervy conversation or thought.

  1. Preeh
    Too many thoughts to actually put all of them here.

    As for situations and conversations I'll tell you this one for now:
    It was thursday after lunch and we had individual training in the afternoon. I arrived at the building and took a seat. After lunch I'm always quite tired and thus didn't realise that I left one seat open in between my friend (let's call him Michael) and myself. Michael obviously didn't like it very much and thought I was rude to leave one seat open. He started a conversation by saying that our relationship was obviously not that good seeing that I wouldn't sit next to him and remain in safe distance. I replyed that after I'd prefer if we took our relationship slowly and that it wasn't yet enough to sit next to each other. He said that he'd at least would expect to play footsie with me after three years. And so on... after a little back and forth about how our relationship should be we somehow came to the topic of shaving pubic hair
    Michael, you should know, doesn't shave his beard nor does he cut his hair. Opposed to him I try to keep my hair short and shave daily. So I was really curious how it would be with his pubic hair. He was getting more and more uncomfortable with the topic and I insisted more and more ^^ After about 5mins of talking about shaving pubic hair or not, someone burst out in laughter. Only then did I realise that the entire waiting room for individual practise had been following our conversation of pubic hair
    i wouldn't say its perverted per say, more like a fetish i can't understand...what up with people and belly buttons????
    i was casually dating a guy who had a full beard (i'm NOT a beard person but sexual tension made it happen) and when it was just the right time for us to kiss he asks me if he can do something and i not judge him by it....i thought it must have been a run of the mill "i'm kinky but not too kinky so you'll be impressed" kinda deal...
    he asked to see my belly button...it didn't seem like a big deal so i lifted up my shirt and waited...he was very polite and asked if he could touch..didn't see anything wrong with it and let me say again SEXUAL TENSION, i said yes
    i don't think i've ever seen a guy go down on his knees faster than that with that kinda sound and he put his face on my stomach...and i'm standing there with my shirt up, a guy's face on my stomach thinking "dude you ok????" and we haven't even kissed yet!!!!!
    he mumbles into my belly button that he has a thing for belly buttons and i didn't seem like a person who'd make fun of his fetish
    i had never parted a beard with my hands to kiss a guy but it was a hot experience and for the 2 months we dated, he always had his hand in my shirt, fiddling with my belly button
  3. Preeh
    @AADIANA; I think I'd immediately - not only because I think the situation is weird but because I'm ticklish too. If it's a nicely shaped belly button then I can somewhat understand the fascination.

    Here's another one I can share. I was on a plane lately. A little worried about the long time I have to be paitently waiting. But as soon as the flight attendant entered the cabin I was relieved and a little amazed and happy. He looked exactly like one of my favourite pornstars You can imagine where my mind wandered off then. Unfortunately his voice and language were different but I could work with the visuals only.
    1. having a little fun on the toilet.
    2. "Excuse me sir, there's a little problem. Would you please accompany me." then being lead to the pilot and having a threesome.
    3. riding him on his seat
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