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  1. Arigatomina
    With 568 members in this group, some have got to be NaruSasu fans. Let's get to know each other. Why do you like the pairing? How did you come by the pairing? Were you converted by fiction and doujinshi, or was this your immediate pairing after watching the series?

    I read recently that the number of NaruSasu fanfiction is climbing at an "alarming" rate. And it was quite a while ago that NaruSasu beat out SasuSaku in the google wars for having far more hits. We're totally on the rise. That's cause to celebrate. Who's with me? ^_^
  2. lollypopraine
    I'm with you! *puts on a party hat*
    When I first started watching Naruto I didn't even think about pairings, but then I saw the Valley of the End episodes and loved NaruSasu from then.
    I love it because of the emotional intensity and, of course, the angst!
  3. Arigatomina
    Yay! This group is so quiet I was starting to lose hope.

    So if Sasuke had stayed you might not have ended up liking the pairing? ^^
    With all the angst that followed Sasuke leaving, I'd give anything to have had someone carry him back home directly after that fight. He was worn out so much it would have been easy to drag him back. But then we would have missed seeing Naruto continue to obsess over him for 3+ years...

    I fell for them during the Haku arc. I know, it's so cliche, sacrifice and supposed death-but-not-really. But that's where Kyuubi made his first big explosion and it was because Naruto was so upset over Sasuke. I loved that. I'm a youko fangirl, so anything that riles Naruto enough to make him all red-eyed is good in my book. Having it happen because of Sasuke is just fangirl heaven. ;p
  4. lollypopraine
    I wonder why this group is so quiet...? I thought there were more NaruSasu fans than this!
    I think that even if Sasuke had stayed, I would have been drawn into the pairing anyway, there's so much chemistry between those two, it's impossible to ignore!
    I loved the Haku arc! Once I fell in love with the pairing, I had to go re-watch the whole thing.
  5. Arigatomina
    You see a lot of NS fans in the forum. And remember, none of the SN fans are posting in the other threads in this group, either. 500+ people and only two are talking. o.O
    All the social groups I'm a member of are quiet. I'm lucky if even one of them has a new post every other day.

    What I love most about Naruto and Sasuke is the way they clash. I want to see them bicker. I adore fics where they argue like stubborn kids, or djs like 10 Rankai where they yell over each other even when they're supposed to be getting ready for smut. They make me laugh and are hot at the same time.

    The Haku arc will always be my favorite, angsty but not as bad as the chunin exam (Oro biting Sasuke grrr) or the valley of the end (angst angst angst). The tree climbing and Sasuke looking so hilarious with his blush (humiliated bristling uke shot) and Naruto popping up inside Haku's cage (his "I'm here to save you" is just classic) are two of my favorite parts in the anime. I wish the series had taken a break *then* to add all the filler crap instead of doing it after Sasuke left. They could have had so much fun watching them take more missions together and being crunchy cute rivals. But that's where fanfiction comes in. ^^
  6. lollypopraine
    Wow, trust me to join a group where only two out of 500+ people are actually doing anything!

    I certainly agree about the 10 Rankai djs, they are so awesome and I get ridiculously excited while downloading one that I haven't read yet.
    And yes, the bickering is just so hot!

    Sasuke's blush during the tree climbing has to be the best expression I've ever seen him make, it had me giggling for ages.
    I loved the whole Sasuke In a Barrel arc because Naruto was just so desperate to drag him back home. Another reason why the Valley of the End got to me so much! Actually, Naruto has been determined to drag Sasuke back ever since he left and I love it!
    I agree about the fillers, too. They would've been much more fun if Sasuke had been there to bicker with Naruto. I would have watched them then. Whatever would we do without fanfiction?
  7. eroticSerox
    I don't remember how i become addicted to them. Ever since their accidental kiss, there is something fishy between them, Sasuke treats Naruto different from the rest of them.
    : Sasuke and Naruto are meant to be.
    I became fully obsessed of SasuNaru after reading few doujinshi.
    I like agressive Sasuke and uke Naruto, its just perfect.
  8. Arigatomina
    @eroticSerox - The gagging immediately after that kiss is a total smoke screen. Everyone knows they enjoyed it immensely. It's like this one doujinshi I read where they had sex and afterward Naruto said "I'm not gay, you know. And neither are you." And Sasuke's like "You're still saying that?" ;p

    @lollypopraine - That's the one thing I do like about the time skip, knowing Naruto spent those three years obsessing over Sasuke. And there are all those little parts in the manga that just scream "meant for each other" - like the "wind is the only thing that can save fire" comment he gives during the elemental training. And Itachi's line about how Sasuke's heart is a "blank canvas waiting for someone to paint it with his own colors." Have you ever seen The Sound of Music? There's a song the teenagers sing to each other where the boy says "Your heart, little girl, is an open page that men will want to write on." Tell me that isn't exactly what Itachi just said to Naruto about his own little brother. ;p
  9. lollypopraine
    "The wind is the only thing that can save fire" - I can't believe I forgot to mention that bit! It's one of my favourite lines in Shippuden. It was the cutest thing!
    I can't say I've ever seen The Sound of Music, did I miss out? :O those lines are practically the same!
  10. Arigatomina
    Oh, Sound of Music is an old musical about a would-be nun who ends up helping a guy raise his seven children. I can just hear Itachi singing that song to Sasuke, "Your heart, foolish little brother, is a blank canvas that men will want to paint on." Now if Naruto would just follow his advice and paint some orange on Sasuke's canvas they'd live happily ever after. ;p

    Another good manga line was Naruto exploding on Orochimaru, the "don't speak about Sasuke as if you own him in front of me" bit. He's so cute when he gets all angry and possessive. ^.^
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