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Thread: how to download

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    Question how to download

    does anyone know how to download from megadownload? i a little bit confuse here

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    If you mean http://www.megadownload.net/ ....it's pretty new to me, then you go to uploaded files and you click on the file you want (there is a waiting period)
    If you mean: www.megaupload.com sometimes it's troublesome (I think you need to get their toolbar in order to skip a waiting period and crowded slots).
    Now if it doesn't work for you, just ask for another host link (in the request section) for the specific file you want.

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    -Well, after clicking your link you will be brought to the Megaupload downloading page.

    -You will then have to enter the three capitalized letters they have shown near the blank space towards the top of the page, to the right.

    -After you enter them, you will press the button at the immediate right, and then wait 50 seconds for a button to appear saying "Click here to download."

    -After clicking it, another box will appear on your screen asking wether or not you want to Open, Save, or Cancel. You will want to click Save if you're wanting the file to be saved onto your computer, but if you'd rather just open the file onhand then click Open.

    -Your file will now be in the process of downloading, and after a few minutes, be finished.

    Hopefully this helps, and isn't too confusing. >.<

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