Nice to meet everyone just joined the forum. Actually joined since I seen people have asked questions about p2p in the past and I really can't find anyone to help me with these programs . I've been trying to get Perfect Dark, Winny and Share to work but none of them are working for me and I've been through every possible tutorial on YouTube and no luck.

The problems I'm having with each program
Perfect Dark- Online but no open ports confirmed. I already allowed it through the firewall and played with my router but luck at all.
Share- Wont even open I get a runtime error immediately
Winny- just doesn't work. I run it and none of the controls work. All I can do is just stare at the open window.

Are these programs broken? have I missed something and all three of them been taken down?

The reason why I want to use these programs is because I'm trying to find episode of this old idol variety show called Yuuyake NyanNyan ( 夕やけニャンニャン) . I know there are some episodes on YouTube but there are more available through these file sharing programs. If anyone who has one of these programs running on their computer and can acquire these files maybe we can work out a deal in where you send me the files after downloading them.

I have been trying for two months to figure out these programs and I'm quite frustrated XD

Any kind of help will be great thank you!