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    PSP ISO's on the PS Vita

    This may be a dumb question, but I'm considering getting a PS Vita so I can buy games like DRAMAtical Murder re:code and some of the newer otome games coming out. I also happen to have a lot of PSP ISO files I've gotten from different websites and I play them on PPSSPP. I was wondering if there's a way to play ISO files like these on the latest PS Vita. Maybe a hack or something? I don't know anything about these systems as you can see... Oh and also, if anyone knows of a way to play them on the original PSP as well, I'd appreciate that info too. Thank you!

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    Hi, I can't help you on the vita part as I don't own one. But if you are looking for ways to play your PSP ISOs on your original PSP, then look up on PSP custom firmware (cfw). There are plenty of tutorials on the Internet. But take care when installing cfw on your device as you might accidentally brick your device.

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    To play PSP ISO's on an original PSP, there are a few ways to go about it. If you can tell what generation your PSP is, it'll also help. (The serial/model number on the back beneath the battery).

    If you have the First set of PSP's, then you can look into obtaining (or creating if you're saavy with a soldering iron) a Pandora Battery. This Pandora battery is ONLY good for booting the PSP into a special state that lets you install firmware, such as the CFW one mentioned. You will also need an extra Sony Memory Stick Duo to have the firmware and install instructions on.

    If you have the newer classic PSP's, the batteries are a different size, and the Pandora battery trick doesn't work the same. I've heard people being able to temporarily run custom firmware through game glitches.

    If you have a PSPGO, there is a couple of tricks you can do with some games (or game demos) that can crash the system to run a temporary custom firmware.

    The PataPon 2 demo can do this. There's a save file for this game out there, mixed with a custom launcher, that will crash the system, then load Hen, which will allow you to play ISO's.

    Err, I most likely scared you, but here's a nice guide to get you starteD:
    PSP Custom Firmware for dummies - Wololo.net



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