I am having an issue with MMD. I can get the program to load up fine with no problem, but when i try to load a model i usually just get abblack blob, or if im lucky, all i get is their silhouette but their textures wont seem to load. I. Currently at a loss of what to do at this point i've already. Done the following:

Installed directx9 using winetricks.
Installed d3dxof using winetricks.

In file ~/.wine/user.reg change "Software\\Wine\\Direct3D" section to look something like

[Software\\Wine\\Direct3D] 1305663725 "DirectDrawRenderer"="opengl" "Multisampling"="enabled" "OffscreenRenderingMode"="fbo" "PixelShaderMode"="enabled" "RenderTargetLockMode"="textex" "UseGLSL"="disabled" "VertexShaderMode"="hardware"

But this doesn't seem to really help me at all...