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    Unhappy Need help on the installation of Togainu no Chi-Chinese version

    I am not quite sure whether it is appropriate to ask my question here
    but I've read the other thread about seeking help for togainu no chi installation, but none of them seems to answer my case. (considering how bad I am with computers, maybe it's me that is at fault here > _ < )

    i downloaded the chinese version of togainu no chi on this forum
    and after i unzipp the files, i got a total of 9 files: 7 pak, 1 exe, and 1system
    i clicked on the exe button with the togainu no chi icon
    but it doesn't seem to work, a window pop out saying that the application had requested Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    so.... what should i do now?

    (i don't think my question applies to the answer given at togainu no chi-kill the king?)

    thank you very very much, your help is greatly appreciated !

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    You can try to run in "compatibility mode"...
    If you right click on your *.exe file, select Properties the Compatibility... Here, check off the box "Run in compatibility mode" and select on the drop down Windows XP or something alike...
    ... This if you are running Windows Vista

    .... Which makes me think.... what system are you running?

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    thank you for answering,
    im operating on windows xp

    i tried your method, but it still doesn't work.
    the same message pops up D:

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    Don't you have to change the system language to chinese first to install it? Just follow the steps to change your computer system to chinese (instead of japanese).

    Control Panel > Clock, Language and Region > Change the date, time, or number format > Administrative tab > Language for non unicode programs > Change system locale > Select Chinese (to which ever it needs, simplified/traditional)

    And I think it should run. HTH?



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