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    Wink What type of CD, how to burn onto, The "best" games, software needed?

    I need basic help for a newbie.
    What type of Cd do I need?
    Music, DVD, or Data Cd's?
    Any specific brands?
    And software to burn the Cd onto?
    Games that don't need a CD?
    And the best games for an extreme yaoi freak that likes, vatican, vampires, gothy,old-fashioned type?

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    CD's are pretty much the same. You can burn any but the smelly ones, they can harm your lenses. DVD's prefer the dark purple ones, not the light purple almost translucent ones. That site can help, www.videohelp.com

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    Any other help?

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    Firstly, a CD stores around 700 MB of data, whereas a DVD stores from 4.5 to 8.5 GB of data, varying with what type of DVD you're buying.

    Now that you've decided which is more suitable for your data storage, a CD comes in two varieties-- one is the plain one, and the other is re-writable ( which is a bit more costly than the plain one ). Usually, you can write on the CD two or three times depending on your CDWriter device and software, but that's the end of it. Re-writable can be burnt a lot more times.

    For DVDs, it is usually advisable to burn at 4x speed, so as to make it compatible with anything you're going to put it in. It's that simple. ^^

    As for the music CDs, there are options available in writing softwares to make the CD an Audio CD. It can hold upto 10 songs on an average at a time. But if you've got an MP3 player, you can just make a data CD and burn all the tracks in MP3 format-- results in almost 5 times the tracks than an Audio CD, and saves space.

    Now for Video CDs and DVDs-- usually this is done only when you want to play a movie/animation in your DVD player. If you're using a computer to do the work, there's no need to make them a Video one. Again, there would be options to make a CD/DVD a Video CD/DVD in the writing software.

    Sorry, but I don't have any idea about games-- hardly play any. -_-

    As for the CD/DVD burning software, try Nero. It's by far the best I've used. Most probably, it's not available for free ( where I live, we use pirated copies ), but you might get it free if you search some torrents. And yeah, for the CD/DVD brands-- that kinda varies from place to place. I could tell you the best brands here, but they might not be the ones at your place. So you'll have to find out/ask someone around there.

    Hope this helps~! ^__^

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    CD brands--if you're intending to keep the CD for long, look for blanks that were manufactured in North America, Western Europe, or Japan (check the really small print on the bottom at the back--if it doesn't say, they were probably made somewhere like Singapore). I like Fujifilm CDs, since they're pretty consistent about manufacturing in Japan, but they're not the cheapest.

    For games, you're probably going to need something that burns ISO images. Alcohol 120% seems to be pretty highly recommended for that, but it isn't free. Nero will do it, but again it isn't free (although a version may have come with your CD drive). The free version of DeepBurner (deepburner.com) can burn ordinary ISOs (bin/cue or iso images, IIRC--it's been a while since I last used it). There are also applications like Daemon Tools that will let you mount an image file as a CD without burning it.

    The size of the image file you're trying to burn indicates the type of disc you'll need--files under 700MB are usually meant to fit on a CD.

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    hi i would recommend VERBATIM DVD+R for recording the yaoi videos, yaoi games, and yaoi manga you like. From what i know, it is the top 2 brand of DVD and that lasts for a long time and has a good quality As for the burning sofware, I would recommend using NERO since it's easy to use hope this help



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