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    Ahh vista, vista...
    I should have guessed, someone else had problems with vista and i wasn't able to solve them now that i think about it, i will keep looking just in case but i think the game is just not compatible with vista(and without vista to debug i doubt i will be able to find the problem)...

    If anyone succeeded in running the game in vista, please let me know .


    Thinking about is there not something about backward compatibility in vista?
    Try right clicking the silverchaos icon on the desktop, there should be an option somewhere...

    <ripped from the net :>
    1. Right click the executable and click the Properties option.
    2. Select the Compatibility tab.
    3. Select the Run This Program in Compatibility Mode option.
    4. From the drop-down list, choose the operating system you ran before upgrading to Vista.
    5. If necessary, select the option to run the program as an administration.
    6. Click OK.

    If that doesn't work i dunno what will .
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    >.> Should have guessed it was a vista problem. No, that didn't work.

    For some programs that aren't vista compatible you can get them to work doing that, but you have to do it to every single application file that is used in the program in order for it to work. Sadly that didn't work with Silver Chaos. Guess I'm just never going to get to play SC in English. >_<

    Thanks for all your help!

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    @moonep: I'm running Vista as well, and I had a problem similar to yours. However, LostUno's suggestion about tinkering with the executable's properties helped me find a solution. I played around with MainSystem's properties and found a setup that worked for me. Here's a screencap:


    My guess is that SC doesn't work properly with Vista, so it needs to be set to run in XP. I dunno if running it as Administrator makes a difference, but I figured it was better to be safe than sorry. ;D

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    Sorry for bothering, I know that it&#180;s here but I can&#180;t switch language on Vista. I only changed keyboard and language. Is it alright? I feel that isn&#180;t.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirabell View Post
    Sorry for bothering, I know that it´s here but I can´t switch language on Vista. I only changed keyboard and language. Is it alright? I feel that isn´t.
    Yes but for a complete instruction, please refer to this -> FAQ

    Good Luck.

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    ok, so i spent hours and hour looking for a solution on how to play the game on vista
    and i hope that what i found will be helpful!

    ok, before i start, MAKE SURE that you have done the whole switching to Japanese language settings(instructions on that can be found in many previous posts!).

    ok, i also had the MainSystem.exe problem. i would be able to see the menu, start the game etz. but before the opening video even started i would receive that MainSystem.exe pop up! if that is your problem, then its is most probably a video codec problem. As mentioned in previous posts, in order to play Silver Chaos you need Indeo video codec! and it has been stated that it can be downloaded for free on the web. But the most recent version of indeo is 5.11, and version 5.11 is apparently not sufficient for playing games on Windows vista. you need the most recent version, which can only be bought for about $14(but i cannot guarantee that the game will work even if you buy it, since i've not tried!). So, if you do not want to pay, then here are 2 solutions you can CHOOSE BETWEEN!(i did the latter)!

    1st. option
    you can try deleting the open .AVI file(follow instructions here:
    http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/f16/t5...port-need.html )
    however, this will cause you to be unable to watch the opening video, but you can look it up on Youtube if you wish to do so.'
    if you do not, however, want to delete this video, then follow option 2 below!

    2nd. option
    (i suggest that you try to download the Indeo player version 5.11 for free and see if your game works after that, before you start trying this solution)
    If you do want to be able to watch the opening in the game, then this is what i did.
    1. open windows explorer and paste this: C:\Windows\System32 in to the URL/adress bar (click "allow" if IE security pops up)
    2. Now, there should be a new pop up/window. Look very carefully and find cmd.exe (on mine it just said cmd, so check on properties if it is an .exe file, and the icon should also look like a black little command prompt).
    3. right click and choose Run as Administrator
    4. Now, you should have a black command prompt, copy and paste this into the command prompt: regsvr32 ir50_32.dll and then hit enter.

    what this does, is that it enables Windows media player to be able to play the indeo 5 for vista.

    if you choose the latter, make sure that you follow these steps EXACTLY. I am not some sort of computer technician, nor am i a computer pro, so i dont know what might happen to your computer if you make a mistake somewhere. i dont even know what the prompt really means. All i know is that i did it, and it worked for me! i did, however, get this information form a page i find rather trustworthy, so if you would rather read the official thread with the instructions, then do so here:

    dont forget to replace xx with tt!!
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    Well, I was having the same Main System error, like most of you. And I also have a Windows Vista but after doing the command prompt thing, it worked and I haven't had a problem ever since. I put the english patch and everything in it and it works spectacularly. I liked Silver Chaos so much, that I wanted to play Silver Chaos 2 but it seems I have a new problem.

    You see, I want to install Silver Chaos 2 on my computer but when I clicked the BOOT.exe button like it tells me to do in the instructions, an error comes up when it is completed that says, ゲームディスクをCD-ROMドライブに入れてください。

    After running it through bable fish, and thank god for that, I found out it says, Please insert [the] Game Disk into the CD-ROM drive. Or close enough to that. Is anyone having the same problem? And do anyone have any ideas on how to fix it?

    Edit: AH. Nevermind. I managed to figure out how to fix it myself. ^^
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