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    [Recuriting] Hinata no Tsuki Translation Project



    Do you have some proficiency in Japanese? Are you interested in cute elf boys getting tainted? LOOK NO FURTHER! Come over to the dark side as we translate a visual novel about shota and elves.

    Jokes aside, hi, I'm working solo on translation, if anyone has the faintest interest in trying their hand at translating, please contact me! It's a pain working alone and god knows how long this will take.

    If anyone has an interest in shota, please support me too! You can check my progress at https://github.com/Hinata-no-Tsuki-Translations/patch if you know how to use github

    Don't worry! While they may look gender neutral there are dicks! I also don't mind if you don't wanna work on hentai scenes.

    Please come out my fellow shota yaoi lovers... the or if you don't mind translating shota

    Screenshot 2022-05-15 024831.jpg
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