Sort of at the end of my rope getting this game to work properly, if anyone's willing to help me out I'll be more than appreciative.
Basically, I followed the tutorial found here on installing Lamento:

But once all patches are applied, the game simply refuses to properly start. I'm met with a black screen that needs to be forcefully closed with Task Manager.:

^Also shows my installation setup + file sizes, for clarity.
Note that I've tried booting it with AND without the English patches in the folder, but there's no change to how the program behaves.

My locale is set to Japanese:

If anyone has any suggestions I'll be glad to try them. Or, if anyone has a different no-DVD launcher I can use I would appreciate that too. This game means a lot to me and my partner and we've both really been wanting to take a trip down memory lane together, but our attempts haven't been very successful on getting it to function.

Other information:
-I attempted to install this on another Win10 computer, met the exact same issue.
-My partner can't get it to run either.
-All the computers we've used are very new gaming desktops with 2080's installed, so stats should NOT be an issue.