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    Gakuen Heaven 2 Missing Backgrounds

    I followed the installation process and everything has been going well, until now.

    missing background.jpg

    I never deleted anything, so I don't know why I'm missing a background.

    Is this a known issue? Or do I need to re-download everything.

    (((I did download/install the English patch, but I don't think that would delete a background, only replace it)))

    Edit: I fixed it, sort of. I didn't want to look at a black screen, so I copied the zbg26a file and renamed it zbg26f, and then again for zbg26e.
    It's not an ultimate fix, as the background is now Yuki's bedroom at daytime, instead of night, but it's a fix either way.

    I also did a little bit of snooping and found that everyone (that I've seen) is missing that file too- including the english patch files, so I'm guessing the game developers forgot to put that file in.
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