Hi! So, I downloaded a virtual machine and ran windows XP on it solely to play TnC cause I kept getting the save/load error.
Everything was going great! I even got the really bad endings with Gunji and Kiriwar, but all of a sudden, after Keisuke's reveal (you know, going full murderous and stuff, the norm) the game would stop working at a very specific set of text, "Like a traveler wandering through the night without any signposts, he had lost sight of what he should do next -- of anything and everything."
I can still exit the game and interact with the "Do you really want to quit?" buttons and the music is still there, but I just can't press anything - the menu or the shortcuts to anything else. It's so upsetting I'm enjoying this game so much I really want to finish it!! Should I just install Windows 7 on another virtual machine?

Thank you so much for reading this