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    Dramatical Murder Crack Issues

    So, basically, I've downloaded everything necessary to run the game, but everytime I try to extract the crack version it just DESAPPEARS or apper an error message. It's literally the only thing that is missing to make the game work, and I already tried to download de crack application from different places, but this keep happening.

    I really don't know why this is happening, but I started to suspect that is my pc system (windows 10).

    I still haven't tryed to download dmmd re:connect or dmmd re:code to see if this error is going to occur with them too, plus I want to solve this issue with the normal dmmd.

    Well, that's it, I hope someone help me, 'cause I've been trying to dowload this game for a MONTH and I can't because of this issue

    Thank you.

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    Firstly, do you have a security program/software running, while you're opening the crack file?

    What often happens is, if you run a file, such as the crack files for the games, the security tends to stop it or remove it from your system.

    You can also find the default security system settings for Windows 10 via the following route ---> Windows settings ---> Update and security ----> Windows security

    2020-06-24 (3).jpg

    As you can see in the above, there are many protection settings, that may be blocking this from running. If you turn them off or put them on pause, then run your file, it may help the issue.

    If that's the case, to turn it off--- Settings---> Update & security ---> Windows security ---> Virus threat protection ---> Manage settings

    Then turn the real time protection to off.

    Other than that, I hope this information helps and you find your solution.
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