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    How to get some scene from the game

    I want to get some scene (video) from the game but I don't know use what programs and how, can someone help me , plz

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    Hi-There....humm getting those depend on the game,because we "See" the game on our screens but sometimes the game itself does weird things to get it there..

    All that a side though ..because you want to "Screen Capture" the bits you want..so you'll need a "screen Capturing" program..you'll need to find out which type is best for your operating system...certain ones work on certain operating systems..so if you have windows,look for ones that work on that ,Linux -look for ones for that,etc... most will do a full motion video capture for you...but if it is a simple "image capture" you could try using your computers built in screen capture program,,usually it's a key you will press on a keyboard,,you then open up any graphic program like paint and paste it in by using the drop down menu in the graphic program.. you should have something marked "PtSc" somewhere on it you press that to capture your screen then use your graphic program from that point on...

    you'll need to try out a few combinations to see what is best for you and your computer...

    I hope I didn't talk over your head (I do that sometimes) and you got some help from all this

    I run WinXP so most likely what I do have will not help you..for my "image" captures I just use "printScreen=PtSc" key and open paint then crop it to the size or bit I want,,I no-longer have one to capture video,,when I did it was a give-a-way called simply "VideoCapture" ..it worked very well but when my computer crashed something happened to the drive and I lost everything....
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