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    Region Locking and VNR

    Okay, so I've done the right thing and bought a legal copy of Gakuen Heaven ME.

    Try to run it through VNR, and it won't run, because I get a popup saying it's region-locked to Japan, even though my computer settings are to Japan as the region.

    So I DL the translation patch that has been produced, so I can run it through THAT. Which works, because it comes with the NoRegion Loader. As the instructions say, I double click on the NRL, and then click on Siglus, and the game runs.

    But VNR won't run. It seems to recognise the Siglus in NRL as the "game", NOT Gakuen Heaven, so I'm not getting any translations.

    EDIT: Now the patch isn't translating. Multiple reinstalls later and nothing's working.

    Is there a way I can basically run the game with the Siglus engine in NRL, or is this completely unfeasible?
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