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    Can't open Togainu no Chi

    So I downloaded the rar off https://mega.nz/#!0aoh***R!ej9Y-fqH7...9QGHfaEeqlH5F0
    (the censored part of the link spells "F*g" (*=a) if anyone needs to use it >.>)

    I'm already on the Japanese locale, so I unzipped, updated the version, downloaded the patches, and used Daemon to open the CCD file, then did a normal install from there.

    Problem is I can't run the game. When I try this is what I get:
    Screenshot (5).png
    I assume it's something along the lines of needing to be administrator. I am, so I right click and run as administrator, but the pointer just loads a bit and stops, and nothing actually happens.

    Weirdly enough, I also can't uninstall the game.

    Have been stuck at this for an unholy amount of time, someone please help OTL
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