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    VNR doesn't detect Omerta Chinmoku no okite

    Hello !

    I'm bothered because I can't use the VNR with Chinmoku no okite.
    I've downloaded the game and (after spending some time to get it to work) the game is now launching correctly. (I can only launch it by omerta_M.exe in the folder "omerta" or by the shortcut on the desktop, but I can't launch it by clicking on "DVD..." on the menu where you install the game).
    I also have the last version of VNR. However, while using the game wizard, either by "selecting the window of the running game" or "selecting the game executable file on the hard drive" nothing seems to work and the VNR doesn't detect the game. I tried several ways and I don't get any results.
    -> I have windows 8.

    If this has happened to someone and this person has successfully settled it, or if someone has any ideas on how to make it works, it would really help me!
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