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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumbcat View Post
    Sorry to resurrect this Zombie thread. Are there any updates on this?

    I have the Windows 10 version, but it will not work with the English patch. (It stays Japanese.)
    Your original 1.01 version does work, but it's windowed.

    So either I would love to find a way to get the 1.01 version fullscreen or get the English patch working on the Windows 10 edition.
    Here're the two folders side-by-side:
    Attachment 175191

    1.01 on the left (English Patch)
    Win10 on the right (no English patch)

    I notice that not only are there extension differences, there are some file differences as well (data.pak missing and cg.npk is 550 MB)

    Thanks for any help with this.
    Unfortunately, the Windows 10 version of Togainu no Chi (which is an updated re-release by Nitro+CHiRAL) won't work with the older English patch, as it is a completely different engine being used.

    On the plus side, JAST Blue is officially translating the game into English! ^^ There will be a way to play it sometime. Though I don't know an exact date...


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