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    Exclamation + + Information Required to post problems/errors + +

    Dear aarin members,

    When you incur into problems/errors while installing/playing games and you would like to post your problems/errors in this section, please include the following information so that other members are able to assist you in providing quick and accurate solutions:

    - What OS are you using?

    - After extracting the game, did it come with 1 or 2 iso files?
    Members who don't play the game need to know what kind of files to work on.

    - Did you follow the correct procedure when installing the game or you deviate from the normal installation procedure to get the game installed and running?

    - What were you doing when the problem occurred: installing the game, starting the game or in the midst of playing the game?

    - If the problem occurred while installing the game, please inform us when it happened: in the middle of the installation process (the bar was filling up and it stopped half way or at 99%).

    - Please capture a screenshot(s) of any error message(s) and include them to your post.


    > Please read the sticky threads on this forum.

    > Also read the information provided in GUIDES section.

    > Use the Search Engine Function to look if the problem you have, has been previously asked or even resolved.

    All of the above are guidelines to make easier helping/answering. Please remember that unclear problems take longer to solve and the more accurate your description is, the quicker we can help you find your answers.
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