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    after i extract the zip files whats next... (maid hajimemashita)

    i dl the maid hajimemashit game from mocca parait

    so i opened it in winzip, but now i am stuck i am sure i extracted the files correctly but i dont know what to do next, i read that i should copy it to a cd but the file/s are to large for the cd and my computer will not work with dvds. can some one please help? a am bad at this type of thing s if you can help, please dumb down the steps haha

    * i did not see another post like this...but i am pretty new to this site so i may have overlooked it >.< if so sorry, and thank you to anyone who can help.

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    Download all the parts

    You must first download all the files on the link like all the parts and extract them. It'll automatically extract them all from all the parts. Hope this helps~



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