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    Talking READ THIS! Problem with finding AGTH /h codes?

    Finding the /h code for games running with AGTH can be such a pain - now there's a solution!

    While searching for the code for Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~, a reply to my posts (and several others') came on Hongfire and it's the answer to a lot of those issues with finding that dreaded /h code in most games.

    The answer? Interactive Text Hooker!

    This is a text hooker that supports more gaming engines then AGTH, and works very well.

    So if you can't find a /h code for AGTH; try ITH here:

    click for ITH on Hongfire (external link)

    Have fun!

    EDIT: not entirely sure if I posted this thread in the right part of the forum; if not, it would be great if a mod could move it!
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    Trying this out and encountering some MASSIVE problems, namely the VNR doesn't like ANY of the H-codes I'm generating. Does anyone know if I'm doing something wrong or if there is a way around this?

    EDIT: Seem to have fixed this. It involved restarting both the game AND ITH a few times, and trying out different engine types, as well as keeping an eye on what boxes were checked in the "Generate Code" section. A bit of a nightmare, and it took some time, but now I'm using the codes I generated in ITH in VNR, and getting loose translations.
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