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    Thundur Hospital

    Cannot start Togainu no Chi


    I'm trying my luck again at attempting to play this game. I followed DeathsVertigo's guide by the letter and essentially got everything to work flawlessly...up until I tried to start playing the game.

    When I load the game and click Game Start, I get an image of a blond guy with some text and then the thing either crashes or displays this message:

    Sometimes I directly get to the image of the dude and then it crashes altogether.

    Any idea what might be up? For the record I installed the East Asian fonts and changed my language to Japanese (I can read Japanese characters, backslashes are Yen signs) and my DirectX version is 9.0c. I'm also using XP.

    Thanks in advance!

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    According to the error, you are still using DirectX 8, please upgrade to DirectX9 before starting the game.

    Just install DirectX 9 again, the softward is bundled together with the game (if you download from this forum).

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    Thundur Hospital
    The thing is, I already am using DirectX 9.0c...that's the part I don't get.

    I'll try installing it again anyway and see what comes out of it. Cheers stupidgirlang.

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    I also cannot start Togainu no Chi. 99% of the time there is no error message at all, it just doesn't react. When there is one, it says something like I do not have the qualification to open the program. I already deinstalled the old one, deletet it completely, downloaded a new one and installed it, but the same problem here. But games like Togainu Poker and the other 2 games and also Lamento Beyond the Void do not have any problems at all.
    I don't know what to do D: Can somebody help me?
    Thanks in advance >.<



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