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    Lightbulb Only Guides on this section

    This section of the forum is to provide BL Games related guides.

    Examples of things you CAN post here:

    - Manuals (installation of specific games/tools)
    - Troubleshooting
    - New tools and how to's

    Examples of things you CAN NOT post here:

    - Download links of games/patches
    - Requests of where to download games/patches
    Go here for more info on downloads -----------> click
    - The problems you're having with "x" game.
    Use the main Game Tech Center for that ------> click
    - Translation Projects, Discussions, Walkthroughs
    Use the Game Spot forum for those -----------> click

    [!] Important

    - Post only guides that you have made yourself. DO NOT take credit for guides not made by you.
    - You're free to link to an external source (tumblr, YouTube, etc.) if you prefer using those services for your guides.

    *** If you spot around the forum a thread/post with information suitable for this section, please report it so it can be moved here. Thx!
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