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    How to Run Togainu no Chi with AGTH and Atlas

    You do not need to change the font to play Togainu no Chi (that was for Messiah). I'm also using an older version of AGTH, which is why the Options and Help menu are missing in the screenshots. I hope this helps to solve everyone's problems.

    How to Run Togainu no Chi with AGTH and Atlas.

    1. Create a shortcut to AGTH on your desktop.

    2. Load Togainu no Chi until you're at the game menu. [ Screenshot ]

    3. Ctrl+Alt+Del to load the task manager. Click the process tab and look for the PID for togainunochi.exe. (If PID isn't a column: View -> Select Columns and put a check next to "PID".) For this example, the PID is 2620. Close the task manager. [ Screenshot ]

    3. Right click your AGTH shortcut and go to properties. In the Target line add /c /p#### to the end. #### is your PID number. The target line should now look something like this: "C:\Program Files\AGTH\agth.exe" /c /p2620. The backslashs will be yen signs. Click okay. [ Screenshot ]

    4. Load the AGTH shortcut on your desktop. It will load up blank because there isn't any text to hook yet. Load or start a new game and when there is text, AGTH will grab it--not necessarily the text you want, but the windows won't be blank anymore. Now, in the drop down menu, select GetTextExtentPoint32A (or whatever brings up text that matches what's on the screen.) [ Screenshot 1 ] [ Screenshot 2 ]

    ...Once AGTH is grabbing the correct text...

    5. Load Atlas.

    6. Click "Quick Atlas" and a green icon in your system tray should show up. You can close the Atlas Main window now. [ Screenshot ]

    7. In the system tray, right-click the "Quick Atlas Mouse Translation" icon and choose "Automatic Clipboard Translation". [ Screenshot ]

    8. Click inside the game window to load the next line in the game and Atlas will automatically load the Clipboard Translation window. [ Screenshot ]

    9. Play the game.

    Sephyna: AGTH doesn't install--it just runs. Drag the files from the zip into a folder. I prefer putting it under Program Files -> AGTH like it was a program that installed so I know where to find it.
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