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    Mac Japanese Language Installation Guide

    Click thanks if this help~

    Most Japanese PC games are made for Windows, but never the less, I don't want any MAC user to feel left out, so here is a guide for Japanese Installation for Mac User. Currently I have a guide for Mac OSX. 2 and up, I'll update more when I have time to sit down and type.

    if you don't visit my page ->

    Office XP Tool: Japanese Language Pack

    Credit: Boy's love Games Headquarters
    and The Key Connection

    Mac Japanese Language Installation Guide
    ---> guide for Macintosh OS 10.2 or higher

    * From the Apple menu choose System Preferences.
    * Double-click on International.
    * Select the Input Menu tab.
    * Check the language that you would like to set up.

    Note: Some languages offer more than one keyboard. We suggest selecting both keyboards and trying them out to determine which you prefer.

    * If you would like to have a map of the keyboard (so you know which keys produce which characters) check the box for Keyboard Viewer as well as the language you would like to set up.
    * If you would like a palette of all of the characters available at a given time, check the box for Character Palette, or for Japanese, the Japanese Kana Palette.

    * Click on the Options button.
    * Uncheck both checkboxes.
    * Click OK.
    * Close the International Window.
    * Quit out of the System Preferences.

    A flag icon will now appear next to the speaker icon at the top of your desktop. Click on this icon to display a drop menu and select a different keyboard. When you want to change back to English, just select the American flag.

    If you would like to see the keyboard map, choose Keyboard Viewer from this menu.

    If the language you would like to use is not selectable from this menu, it means the application you are using does not support typing in this language.
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    It may be possible to play some BL games written for Windows on Mac OSX (and Linux, BSD, etc. if anyone here but me is crazy enough to use that kind of OS) by running them under WINE, a free Windows sort-of-emulator that you can find at winehq.org . Silver Chaos 2: Artificial Mermaid, Gakuen Heaven, and a few others supposedly work well enough under it to be playable, but I haven't tested this myself.



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