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    Jipa - Extract/Create Nitro+Chiral NPAs

    Hey i just wanted to share a project with you that i finished a month ago.

    Its called Jipa. Its basically Nipa rewritten in Java.
    The tool might seem unnecessary at first, but it might resolve some Problems such as
    • General Charset Problems (If your locale isn't set to Shift-JIS)
    • Compatibility Problems (Old applications, non-windows OS)
    • Not implemented Encryption / General Bugs

    I'm also working on a GUI so that you don't have to fiddle arround with the command line.
    NOTE: The archive creation might be a bit buggy. (But i'm working on it)


    jipa 0.1.0 by spycrab0
    Nipa rewritten in Java with some extra features.
    Using NPALibrary v0.8.1 (API: v1)
    This program is based on docs and source code provided by Moogy (http://tsukuru.info/nipa/)
    This program is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.
    -h - Displays this information.
    -i (file) - Show header information
    -ia (file) -Show ALL header information
    -l (file) - List contents.
    -lg [file] (id) - List contents of an encrypted archive. Default id is ChaosHead.
    -x (file) - Extract NPA archive
    -xg (file) [id] - Extract encrypted archive. Default id is ChaosHead.
    -c (dir) (file) - Turn the contents of a folder into an archive
    -cz (dir) (file) - Turn the contents of a folder into an compressed archive.
    -x nss.npa - Extracts nss.npa into the folder "nss"
    -xg nss.npa MuramasaTr
    List of available Encryptions:
    Game - ID
    Axanael - Axanael+ Trial
    ChaosHead - Chaos Head
    ChaosHeadTr1 - Chaos Head Trial 1
    ChaosHeadTr2 - Chaos Head Trial 2
    Demonbane - Demonbane The Best
    Django - Django
    DjangoTr - Django Trial *Might be broken*
    DramaticalMurder - DRAMAtical Murder
    Kikokugai - Kikokugai
    Lamento - Lamento
    LamentoTr - Lamento Trial *Unknown*
    LostXTrailer - Guilty Crown Lost Xmas Trailer
    LostXmas - Guilty Crown Lost Xmas
    Muramasa - Maramusa Retail
    MuramasaAD - MuramasaAD
    MuramasaTr - Maramusa Trial
    PhenomenoTr - Phenomeno Trial
    Sonicomi - Sonicomi v1.0
    SonicomiTr2 - Sonicomi Trial 2
    Sumaga - Sumaga Retail
    Sumaga3P - Sumaga 3% Trial
    SumagaSp - Sumaga Special Retail
    SweetPool - Sweet Pool


    Make sure you have Java 8 installed.

    Download v0.1.0

    View the Source Code

    If you're expieriencing any problems, let me know.

    ~ ImBatman
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