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    Quote Originally Posted by Kojichan View Post
    I don't suppose you could tell me the name of the game you're trying to work with? I wonder if it is a newer game, that the tools may not be able to handle?
    (serika omake)https://vndb.org/v7251 (serika2)https://vndb.org/v10888 and they are from this pack https://vndb.org/r44446

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    Hmm. Looks like the tools you have won't do the job...

    I did find some tools that would work (They referenced these games specifically), but you'll need to work with the Command Prompt (CMD) again. It's kinda complex, but this is what you get into sometimes. I don't have these games, so I haven't tested it myself. But the process seems pretty straightforward.

    I'll post links for 3 files, you will need them ALL. After you download all the files, extract everything into the same folder. (Overwrite the Readme.txt, it's not useful for you)

    For NSA files, download this:
    asmodean's reverse engineering page - decrkansa (Click on the blue link to download)

    For NS2 files:
    First, Decryption: asmodean's reverse engineering page - decrddns2 (Click on blue link that says: decrddns2.zip)
    Second, Extraction: asmodean's reverse engineering page - exns2 (Click on blue link that says: exns2.zip)

    - Extract all the files to the same folder.
    - Now copy the files you want to get files from into the same folder as well.
    (Work with only one game at a time, so work with Serika Omake first, then remove your files and work on Serika 2)
    - Lastly, you will need to copy the game program into the folder as well. For example, if your game was "Super Doki Love" and you click on sdl.exe to run the game, then you'd copy that file into the folder.

    It might be easier if you only work on Serika Omake's files first, then when that's done, remove the files and then work on Serika 2's stuff!

    Make sure no files are selected in that folder, then hold down your SHIFT button on your keyboard, and Right-click in the window for the folder, not on any files (So the white space).

    A popup menu will appear, so click on the option named: Open command window here

    The black text box will now appear in the proper folder.

    For your NSA file...

    In the CMD window, type:
    decrkansa arc.nsa arc_decrypt.nsa MYGAME.EXE

    There are 4 things to type, with a space between them.

    1 - decrkansa
    is the tool to decrypt the files.
    2 - arc.nsa is the name of the archive you want to decrypt
    3 - arc_decrypt.nsa will be the name you give the decrypted version of the archive
    4 - mygame.exe is the name of the program you copied for the archive

    Replace "mygame.exe" with the filename for the game you're trying to get files from. I don't know ANY of the filenames, so you really have to know them!

    If it doesn't give you any errors, then it's done. Now you should be able to just drag the arc_decrypt.nsa onto the nsadec.exe from the NScripter Tools from before to extract the files...

    For NS2 files, Serika Omake's files may not need to be decrypted, but I think Serika 2's will be. You can try this process for both, use whatever works.

    To decrypt the NS2 file (if not already done):
    decrddns2 images_00.ns2 images_00_decrypt.ns2 3

    There are 4 things to type!

    1 - decrddns2
    is the tool to decrypt the NS2 archive
    2 - images_00.ns2
    is the NS2 archive you want to decrypt
    3 - images_00_decrypt.ns2
    will be the name of the decrypted archive which we'll use later
    4 - 3 (Literally, just the number 3) is the game ID for Serika 2. This might not work for Serika Omake.

    Let it do it's thing... If there are no errors, then it is done, now move onto the next step.

    To extract the decrypted NS2 file:
    Just drag the decrypted NS2 file into the program named "exns2". It will do the rest.

    I hope this wasn't too confusing? Sorry for being so long, it's unfortunate but most people who make these tools don't have non-programmers in mind when they make these programs. They're mostly meant for the technically inclined.

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    for decrkansa the program can't start because msvcr71.dll is missing from your computer try reinstalling the program to fix this problem but when i use cmd it just would not work i typed decrkansa arc.nsa arc_decrypt.nsa serika_o.EXE but cmd just said no and your .ns2 programs just said no just to note thees games are from 2015-03-27 and all thees programs are from the old times let me know if you have any thing.

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    try getting the missing .dll and place it in the program folder...you can try here https://www.dll-files.com/ I use this place when needed ...in the search bar copy the name of your missing dll....

    ...hope this helps...


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