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    Contest: Libre Publishing Works

    Have you always wanted to show your appreciation towards the people or works from Libre Publishing? Now is the opportunity for you to do so and stand a chance to win these prizes:

    Contest Prizes:
    - 1 Mystery Prize (something from Libre) which I will try to match with what you like, depending on what you posted.
    - 1 autographed Nekota Yonezou's poster in A3 size in high quality print (which she personally signed during Anicult 2015 event).

    Why did I mention OR/AND? Because this poster will only be given to those that really want it, such as Nekota's fan or if you can keep/display this quite explicit poster. So please fill in the form if you wish to receive it or not. If this contest is won by someone who is not able to receive this poster as a prize, it will be given out in another Nekota Yonezou-only contest.

    How to participate:
    1) Post in this thread in your own creative way or words to show your love and how much you appreciate the works by Libre Publishing.

    2) You MUST fill in this form and post the following info in your post:
    My favorite manga artist(s) from Libre: (You can post a few names, no limit)
    My favorite title(s) from Libre: (You can post 1-3 titles)
    If you win, do you want the autographed poster of Nekota-sensei? Y/N
    My post for Libre: (Post what you like here - message, pictures etc)

    3) If you own any of their works, whether in English or Japanese, it is highly recommended that you take a picture of it and post it here. Please post only original purchased works okay (digital or print hardcopy), no scanlations.

    4) You can only post once in this thread. If you need to add anything, just Edit your post before the due date.

    5) No limit to how many pictures or text you can post, as long as it is all in one post.

    6) Anyone can join this contest as long as you are a member of this forum, including staff as well. This contest is open for worldwide participation.

    How winner is picked:
    - A surprise judge (to be revealed next time) will be selecting ONE winner.

    DUE DATE: 10th SEPTEMBER 2015

    IMPORTANT: In case you are not familiar or unsure about which are Libre's titles, do check out the list here first, which contains the English published works from Libre, click on it to view a bigger size picture or this link: http://www.aarinfantasy.com/torrents..._EngList_1.jpg

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    Thank You LIBRE!! From a Certified Fujoshi!

    Thank you Libre for publishing Yaoi mangas that we truly love and supported. It is a big thing for me (a DIE-HARD FUJOSHI ) to have my own copy of my favorite manga! I will always support buying original prints of mangas since it shows my continuous love and support to the mangakas who devoted their time, heart, and effort in making these exceptional masterpiece! Thank you so much!!! Too much love!! I hope to complete the Finder Series and Embracing Love <3

    FAVORITE AUTHORS: Amane Yamano, Hinako Takanaga, Youka Nitta, Tarako Kotobuki
    FAVORITE MANGAS: Finder Series vols. 1-7, Embracing Love vols. 1-2

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    Thankyou for the contest!

    My favorite manga artist(s) from Libre: Kuku Hayate, Noboru Takatsuki, Yoneda Kou, Modoru Motoni
    My favorite title(s) from Libre: Oku-san's Daily Fantasies, Your Love Sickness, Dog Style
    If you win, do you want the autographed poster of Nekota-sensei? Y
    My post for Libre:
    Here are the Libre titles I currently own (I also have the digital editions of Oku-san's Daily Fantasies and Sword and Mist):

    I'd just like to say thankyou to Libre for publishing these wonderful sexy and smutty titles, and for allowing them the be released in English. It's great to be able to legally support the artists we love <3
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    there are not words to express how gratefull i am to Libre
    so many amazing manga-ka's. you have given me such joy and pleasure that have helped get me through the worst stages of my life (i will never forget the laughs i got while in hospital for major surgery, the fun i had seeing ppls expressions when they saw my manga on my table)
    so thank you Libre i will be forever a fan (even when i become a OAP lol which isn't that far off! :P)
    thank you from the bottom of my heart

    Fav manga kas, yamane ayano Mio tennohji Hinako Takanaga
    fav mangas Viewfinder, Crimson spell Tyrant

    my post for libre and this is a work in progess XD [IMG][/IMG]

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    I love Yaoi

    I love my Yaoi manga. The first manga I ever purchased was yaoi. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy the manga that Libre publishes makes me. I own around 550 yaoi manga and of those I think around 100 of them are Libre titles. Everyone tells me that I have too many manga and that I should sell them but what why don't understand is I love being able to hold the manga in my hand and read it whenever I want. I love to sit and look at all my books on the shelves and think about all the great stories, laughs, and the feeling that they bring out in me. I love my manga and i am so happy I have them.

    My favorite manga artist(s) from Libre:
    Kou Yoneda, Kano Miyamoto, Mike TENNOJHI, Yaya Sakuragi, Hinako Takanaga, Ayano Yamane, Shiuko Kano

    My favorite title(s) from Libre:
    Say please, Mister Mistress, Punch Up

    If you win, do you want the autographed poster of Nekota-sensei? Of course I would love to have an autographed poster from Nekota-sensei Yonezou sensei she is amazing!!! I read anything of hers I can find but sadly I can't find any published english manga of hers.
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    Long Live Libre, Long Live YAOI!!!

    Libre made my life as what I am now!! Thank you so much to Libre staff and all it's mangaka especially my favourites; Yamane Ayano-sensei, Shuko Kanno-sensei and Nekota Yonezou-sensei!!! I will not be so HORNY and so inspired by yaoi if not for your mangas. Good job and keep up the good work, keep on bringing a LOT of hardcore and beautiful yaoi in the future. Will buy your mangas in Japanese and in English!!

    My favorite manga artist(s) from Libre: Yamane Ayano, Nekota Yonezou, Shuko Kanno, SAKIRA, Nitta Youka, Yamato Nase, Yaya Sakuragi and You Higashina
    My favorite title(s) from Libre: Viewfider series, Hidoku Shinaide, Punch Up!, Haru wo Daite ita
    If you win, do you want the autographed poster of Nekota-sensei? YES

    My post for Libre: *This is my YAOI Shrine in my room, still building it, hoping to make a mini-YAOI library in the near future!

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    exactly when I left home and cannot make any pictures of my manga collection... and I'll only be back on Sep 13th

    still reserving this post to edit later, am only online for a few minutes right now and will not have connection where I go to vacation... I can still voice my love for the publisher and quite some of these series but later
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    My favorite manga artist(s) from Libre: Ayano Yamane, Yaya Sakuragi, Suzuki Tanaka, Youka Nitta, Hinako Takanaga
    My favorite title(s) from Libre:
    Nee, Sensei?Viewfinder, His Favorite
    If you win, do you want the autographed poster of Nekota-sensei?
    If on the picture were characters I knew I would say yes^^
    I rather give it to someone who really wants it, then me just having it for the autograph only...
    My post for Libre:
    I own German copies of some Libre titles, hope that counts too

    Thank you for releasing so many good titles!
    It's great that there's a way to support their favorite mangakas without even a language barrier, if someone can't read Japanese^^

    For someone like me, who loves manga in physical version, it is exciting to get new copies and put it in the bookshelf!
    It is a total different feeling than reading digital
    Keep it up, and publish in future even more great titles from amazing artists!

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    1) I love the Manga that Libre Publishing makes, the quality is just amazing and the titles they pick out are the best. Libre, you publish the best stories and im glad that even us English speakers are able to read the titles as well!! I am not the best with words or such, but i find myself picking up these stories time and time again, and some of my original ones i enjoy reading still even after all these years!

    My favorite manga artist(s) from Libre: Nekota Yonezou, Hinako Takanaga, Ayano Yamane, Kazuto Tatsukawa... (and many more!!)

    My favorite title(s) from Libre:
    Hidoku Shinaide, Viewfinder, Elektel Delusion (and many more!!)

    If you win, do you want the autographed poster of Nekota-sensei? Yes, yes, YES!!! i would love to have an autographed poster <3

    My post for Libre: I have much more than what i have pictures, but i love each and every one of my books!! <3 please always make more, for us to buy and enjoy!!! Books in an actual form are just like holding gold. Actually, i would trade all my gold for these manga...

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    My favorite manga artist(s) from Libre:
    I don't really have favorite artist(s) to be quite honest. I'm more of the type that goes for the story, and I will say that about half of my favorites stories are from Libre Publishing. However, to name a couple artists that I make a point to watch out for any new publications from Libre would be Toko Kawai and Nekota Yonezou.

    My favorite title(s) from Libre:
    Too many to list, so I'll put my two current obsessions from Libre, which are Hidoku Shinaide and Dekichatta Danshi! These two lovelies always always brightens my days and gives me all kinds of feels. I'm awaiting the day these two will get an English publication, preferably in print because there's just something more special about holding the physical book in my hands as opposed to just reading it through my devices.

    If you win, do you want the autographed poster of Nekota-sensei?
    YES! I must blame Nekota-sensei for making me conscious of men's underwear called briefs. LOL. After I read her afterwords about her briefs obsession, I couldn't help but be aware of it. It would be a great honor to win this poster (with briefs) and her autograph (to remind me where my briefs-interest came from and from which great artist).

    My post for Libre:
    I'm grateful to Libre Publishing. I think that not only is their Artists line-up makes great stories, but the Editors that work hard alongside them to make the stories even more tasteful, deserves much respect.
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