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    My favorite manga artist(s) from Libre: hmm... more like some favs that have published at some point with Libre, they would be: Miyamoto Kano, Nitta Youka, Hinode Heim, Yamashita Tomoko, Nakamura Asumiko, Yoneda Kou, est em, Hideyoshico, Kusama Sakae, Jaryuu Dokuro, Kunieda Saika.

    My favorite title(s) from Libre: Haru wo Daiteita, Kaori no Keishou, Okite Saisho ni Suru Koto wa

    If you win, do you want the autographed poster of Nekota-sensei? Nope, let's leave it to a hardcore Nekota-sensei fan.

    My post for Libre: First of all, thanks for making of the BL industry what it is today. I think that if there's a company that knows how to marketing their products is you. It never ceases to amaze me the way you read your public and comply with the demands of every fujoshi, from the traditional BxB and BBG magazines 'til the more recent Citron and Double S or the super explicit PINK and ero-anthologies, there's a little for everyone. It doesn't matter what's your strong moe point, with Libre you can rest assure that you will find something up to your liking.

    So, thank you, even though I'm not much of a collector (my BL collection is nothing to write home about actually) here's what I've got so far from you in their english editions:
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    My favorite manga artist(s) from Libre: Ayano Yamane, Kazuma Kodaka, Nekota Yonezou, Haruka Minami, Naduki Koujima
    My favorite title(s) from Libre: Crimson Spell, Border Kyuukaisen, Hidoku Shinaide, Viewfinder
    If you win, do you want the autographed poster of Nekota-sensei? N. I prefer Libre Manga.. >,<

    My post for Libre:

    Thank you Libre for all the Hard work in always giving us the best Yaoi works and I always try my best to support the mangaka that I love by getting the hardcopy. I am someone who loves the feel of physical books and having my favourite manga with it's beautiful artworks in hand, while relaxing with a cup of tea is my ideal getaway during the weekend to recharge~

    While my manga stash will always have to be kept in a closed cupboard, in secret, it's significance and impact in my life is larger than words can describe. Yaoi Manga and Drama CD is what made me start to take Japanese classes, 6 years back and to this very day, Yaoi Manga & Drama CD remains one of the best reference materials for me to continue learning and practicing Japanese. I'd Say "YAOI BANZAI!!!" XD
    Furthermore, Yaoi affects 30% of my travel plans, if I were to make my trip to japan.
    It also gave me the opportunity to meet and get to know (and befriend) fujoushi & fudanshi from different parts of the world like Singapore, China, Indonesia, Peru... just to name a few. Yaoi has become a language which everyone speaks. There is a phrase that me and my friends came up with that always resonance with how I feel, that is "Yaoi de Tsunagaru Kizuna" which means "Bonds connected by Yaoi". I am always reminded of this phrase whenever I meet new people thru our love for Yaoi.

    Sharing the Yaoi Love~~~~

    Also, Thank you to AarinFantasy for having this wonderful competition!! Otsukare!!
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    *sneaks in for lucky #13!*

    My favorite manga artist(s) from Libre: there are so so so many... my very first "favorite" was Mishima Kazuhiko! <3 And of course, Minami Haruka ftw! Can't help but love Takanaga Hinako, Natsume Isaku, Sakuragi Yaya, and... omg... can I just... list... everyone. Thank you.
    My favorite title(s) from Libre: This is near impossible to narrow it down........ urgh... if I pick from the English release list, I'll say Hero Heel by Tateno Makoto and Oku-san's Daily Fantasies... and omg, not licensed in English yet, but I love Hidoku Shinaide so much. ><
    If you win, do you want the autographed poster of Nekota-sensei? Y - Y - Y - YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Oh, goddd yessssss!!!!
    My post for Libre:

    I admittedly know little about publishers - to me, all yaoi is delicious and precious and everything good in this world. But as my eyes raked over the English published list, I must say: You guys do some amazing work. And I do own quite a bit of the English releases because I love your publications. Thank you for everything that you've given to us, all the eye candy, all the smut, all the yaoiiiiiii <3 <3 <3 There is nothing better in my world than more yaoi! And aarinfantasy fed my fujoshi livelihood since the start. <3 Love for aarin as well! <3

    Whenever something is released by Libre, you know it's gonna be delicious and sexy and everything yaoi should be. Where some publishers might be more and I feel like a lot of Libre titles are more and , if you know what I mean? They're both great in their own ways, but I'm more of a girl myself...

    These are some of the titles I own~ the heart is for youuuuu~ and I wrap my books sometimes, that's why you see a white cover on them. ^^;

    Not convinced yet? How about if I throw in a cute doggie?

    ... how about NOW? (reeking of desperation here)

    My doggie is begging along with me in hopes of winning this contest I also have Two of Hearts, Say Please, Scandalous Seiryo University (and all related books), Our Kingdom (entire series, plus Arabian Nights), Bondz, Kurashina Sensei's Passion, Kizuna... but they're in storage at my friend's place, so I can't take a pic of them. Plus, my digital purchases: Husband, Honeymoon Vol 1 and Vol 2, Oku-san's Daily Fantasies, Egoistic Blue, and His Favorite V7 Bonus Booklet!

    So yes. In short: I love yaoi. I love smut. Thank you for providing both, Libre. My only hope is to see more and more English licensed titles, so that I can add to my beautiful collection!!!

    And my mom asked me the other day while looking at a poster I have on my wall: "Are those two GUYS kissing in that poster???" and I said "yup, isn't it fantastic?" so I'm pretty sure I'm good to go with putting up that Nekota-sensei poster.

    Oh and FYI since that English release list was made by Libre, it says "A Live Song for the Miserable" but I think it's "A Love Song for the Miserable" - also, the title is "Alcohol, Shirt & Kiss" instead of "Alcohol, Shirts & Kiss" for Kuwabara Yuko's manga. #OCD all the way!

    Thank you for this precious opportunity! Please be gentle, Surprise Judge-san.
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    Keita (L1)Siren Sorento (L1)Ren NANA (L9)

    Thanks for another awesome contest, Aarin! d^^b

    My favorite manga artist(s) from Libre: Yamane Ayano, Kano Shiuko, Takanaga Hinako and Nitta Youka

    My favorite title(s) from Libre: Finder Series, Sweet Pool, Yebisu Celebrities, Close the Last Door and Embracing Love

    If you win, do you want the autographed poster of Nekota-sensei? I'd love to have it but I'm quite sure there are far more devoted fans than me, so I'll leave it to them and good luck, minna! \o/

    My post for Libre: I've got Finders Vol01~03. They were a precious gift from my dear friend, @Blue_Star;, who's no longer around. :/ ( I'll take a pic later, if I have time. ^^' )
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    Zoro (L9)Sanji (L9)Sabo (L5)

    Thanks for organising the contest Aarin! I thought I'd participate because there isn't many ways for fans to show support for the publishers and mangaka in Japan from overseas ...

    My favorite manga artist(s) from Libre: Yamane Ayano, Nitta Youka, Naono Bohra, Kodaka Kazuma, Nekota Yonezou, Takanaga Hinako, Kano Shiuko, Kotobuki Tarako, too many others to name!

    My favorite title(s) from Libre: (very hard to choose just 3!)
    Haru wo Daiteita series
    Viewfinder series
    Kizuna series

    If you win, do you want the autographed poster of Nekota-sensei? Y/N ... no, I think I'll leave this for someone who can actually display it (U^_^) gorgeous as it looks!

    My post for Libre:
    I'd like to thank Libre for providing us with so many great stories and beautiful stories. I can't imagine BL without Libre. I'm also glad there is a steady stream of licensed manga into English and other languages so fans from all over the world can enjoy them, and now that digital versions are also available, it's a lot easier to buy them.

    Libre was probably my first ever manga purchase (back when it was Biblos and back when English licensed got about as far as Gravitation and Yellow). I don't even remember what it was I first bought (probably Finder), but I have not looked back. I've got more manga from Libre than any other publisher (even counting all my English books!) All my favourite stories seemed to be from them.

    I first found BL manga online through scans and was hooked pretty quick. Soon, reading online wasn't enough anymore. I wanted to read the entire volumes, not just wait for scans here and there. The art style for many of the really famous titles such as Harudaki and Finder were just so gorgeous that I had to buy them. I even bought BexBoy Gold when they were available at a store in my city. They take up a lot of room but it's really nice to see a larger version of each page of manga!

    I've collected quite a few manga over the years and learned some Japanese so I could (try to) read them without having to rely on scans and also support the mangaka and publishers at the same time. I was so glad that Libre was established, back when everything was uncertain with Biblos and a lot of titles were left hanging. On top of publishing manga, I love all the fan goods that Libre has released over the years, such as the amazing Yamane Ayano special collection (I still can't bring myself to open the Feilong and Asami sheet, it's too pretty >///<), the Fuyu no Semi special edition manga/DVD, the Sex Pistols OVA I was lucky enough to get, fan goods for various manga and all the special edition extras and bonuses that make buying them so rewarding.

    I'm running out of bookshelf space for everything, so some of the manga are stacked 2 rows deep OTL... I gave up trying to get any sort of order but these should all be Libre:
    Contest: Libre Publishing Works-1.jpg

    BBG is on another bookshelf because they are so big ...
    Contest: Libre Publishing Works-2.jpg

    RenBya Bleach Fic I || RenBya Bleach Fic II || GrimmUlqui Bleach Fic

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    Kusakabe (L8)DS_003_(2)topmiddleSajou (L8)
    Will be edited later~~
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    My favorite manga artist(s) from Libre: Ayano Yamane, Makoto Tateno, Youka Nitta, Yugi Yamada
    My favorite title(s) from Libre: Love Pistols (Oh the adorable Mpreg, its so original because of that element <3 ), Embracing Love (It's so emotional for me to read this and I think it may be number 1 overall), Finder (The story of Viewfinder is very fun and exciting and Yamane's are is gorgeous.)
    If you win, do you want the autographed poster of Nekota-sensei? Yes, the art is absolutely lovely and I love collecting posters and I can already see just the spot for it, and it'll even get a nice pretty poster frame to keep it safe and sound.
    My post for Libre:
    I'm a 20 year old fudanshi living in the southern states of America where gays aren't very welcomed and for me boy's love is my only outlet. I really make a connection with the characters in these stories. Embracing Love, my first Libre manga I do believe, holds a special place in my heart as the couple traverses though rough patches sometimes simply caused by how gay men are viewed by people even during the progressing times. It's one of the few manga which has managed to bring me to tears. Sometimes I really see myself in the characters when I can relate to no one else.

    Boy's Love has been such a huge part of my life that I've decided to go to school to become a translator and try my hardest to get a job translating BL manga one day. Even when times got rough for me within the BL community; who'd have thought theer's homophobia in a community tht reads gay manga? I was always able to tough it out. I don't hide my manga though and I display it proudly in my room so anyone who doesn't like it can take a hike. I'll always stand up for my beloved BL. I hope Libre sticks around for a long time to come and keeps making lots of great manga and light novels. Maybe I'll even be lucky enough to translate Libre manga one day.

    I took a picture of my manga with a few other related goodies. My nook didn't wanna show up though on photo, but I have How's Your Ex, Yebisu Celebrities 1&2, and the first 2 in 1 volume of Embracing Love. I'm young and my collection may be small for now, but I hope it to keep growing over the many years ahead. >_< I had a hard time getting a picture, the lighting in my room suuuuucks.

    WWKD? What Would KIRA do? ... What's your name again?

    I am offiacially the owner of the bishie Kamui Gakupo from VOCALOID!

    I'm officially the owner of the couple GakupoXKaito

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    Red face Yaoi is love, Yaoi is life

    Okay let's give this a try!!! *epic pose*

    My favorite manga artist(s) from Libre:
    Ayano Yamane, Modoru Motoni, Suzuki Tanaka, Tateno Makoto, Hinako Takanaga, Yuko Kuwabara

    My favorite title(s) from Libre:
    Too many too choose from! But if I'd have to make a top 3:
    Viewfinder, Crimson Spell, Dog Style

    If you win, do you want the autographed poster of Nekota-sensei? Yes please!!!!<3

    My post for Libre:

    Reading yaoi is getting really addicting, very relaxing after a hard day of work. Libre definitely has one of the best titles! I started out with the finder series, still my favorite til this day! Unfortunately my Japanese is not too well at this moment but i'm trying to learn it, I'd love to be able to read them in Japanese.

    -I'll add a picture later since I have to leave in a little bit and won't be back for a while-

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    Shihoudani (L4)Illumi (L9)Makishima Yuusuke (L7)
    Kasamatsu (L7)Masrur (L8)Hiko Seijuro (L10)
    Suzuya Jūzō (L8)(S046) Kogitsunemaru(S064) Toono Takashi

    My favorite manga artist(s) from Libre: Oh gosh, honestly I love all of them! But I always re-read Suzuki Tsuta, Sakuragi Yaya and Hasukawa Ai

    My favorite title(s) from Libre: Well, Level C always has a special place in my heart, because it was the first yaoi video I bought (on VHS!!!, I later bought it on DVD and the full manga set too once I was able to find it!), Also Love Control is one I always bring with me when travel (though I wasnever able to find vol. 2 in my area T^T), for a good read. And Golden Kain was the first BL manga I bought <3 <3

    If you win, do you want the autographed poster of Nekota-sensei? hmmm...well yes I want it...but I wouldn't be able to display it so it would end up living in a box T^T so it would be better for someone who can display it to win it!

    My post for Libre: Thank you so much for releasing such wonderful works!

    I have a pretty large manga collection, but am always expanding it.

    Here is a part of my collection of works published by you

    (and yup...Have Viewfinder vol. 2 twice...because at first I was only able to find vol. 2 in my area, but then early there year there was a kickstarter to reprint Viewfinder, and I immediately pledged as soon as I was able to! <3

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    Okay I virtually never posted here so I hope it's okay for me to participate, I would feel stupid for not trying to get my hand on that poster though.

    My favorite manga artist(s) from Libre: Nekota Yonezou, Ogeretsu Tanaka, Yamane Ayano, Tateishi Ryou, Ogawa Chise, Kizu Natsuki, Ishida Kaname, Yamato Nase, Natsume Isaku, Ike Reibun... and lots more.

    My favorite title(s) from Libre: Neko Neko Honey (Narazaki Souta), Dekiai Itokon (Yamato Nase), Into Illusion (Yoshihara Rieko/Tateishi Ryo) and (obviously) Hidoku Shinaide (Nekota Yonezou)

    If you win, do you want the autographed poster of Nekota-sensei? Yes, I'd REALLY love to. I'm a big fan of her works, I really got into BL thanks to her.

    My post for Libre:
    So, I LOVE Libre, first and foremost because of the furigana that makes it really easy to read japanese/learn kanji, so I'm really thankful for it.
    I'll be forever thankful for making me discover Ogeretsu Tanaka a while ago, thanks to 'Koi to wa Baka de aru koto da', she's currently one of my favorite artist, ever.
    And then Nekota Yonezou, that I discovered back when I first bought the french Be x Boy magazine in 2009, it had 'In God's Arms' in it and I fell in love with her art, then I read Hidoku Shinaide, and Tsuyogari, and the other series she published in other magazines.

    I actually don't own that many books from Libre in Japanese (I currently have three Libre books on the way that I pre/ordered: Caste Heaven, Hidoku Shinaide new volume and Escape Journey which I'll receive in october so I can't put it in the pics but oh well) because I mostly buy the digital version for translated books.
    I also own some french tankoubons (and the french Be x Boy magazines) but I don't think it will make a difference since they're in french.

    And here the pics for Nekota Yonezou;
    As you can see I try to collect most things she publishes when I can afford them, which include doujinshis and anthologies, I'm really a big fan of hers. Also I own the Kichiku anthology book (Up left corner) which has the poster illustration as cover and, ugh yes I'd love to have the poster so so much. I don't know what else I can tell, I just love the way she writes seme/uke dynamics, her art, and just about everything.

    And finally sorry for my poor english and any mistakes, it's not my first language.


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