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    Flurry of Dancing Flames

    is in love with sexy Otabek!!!
    ♥♥♥ Otayuri and Victuri

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    Sep 2008
    following Victuri and Otayuri to all their performances to watch their cute moments together ♥

    Otabek Altin (L8)Victor Nikiforov (L10)Otabek Altin (L9)
    Yuri Plisetsky (L8)(S052) Yuri KatsukiYuri Plisetsky (L9)

    Artist of the Month List

    Artist of the Month List

    April 2015- Joberu (aka. JoBerU-Uta)

    May 2015- kiDChan (aka CyanParade)

    June 2015- Nijunni

    August 2015- sakimichan

    Sept.2015- P-RO (aka. Nomorepros)

    Oct.2015- Evil-usagi (Aku)

    Nov.2015- rynisyou (Sheryn)

    Dec.2015- Gokunobaka

    Jan.2016- Aka-Shiro

    Feb.2016- Naktata

    March 2016- Lehanan

    April 2016- LOIKA

    May 2016- Purpurea Noxa

    June 2016- KDash

    July 2016- Virus-AC

    Sept.2016- Hazel and Bell

    Oct.2016- Alice Fox

    Nov.2016- Yohao88

    Dec.2016- Doubleleaf

    Jan.2017- NaSyu

    Feb.2017- Herbst-Regen

    March 2017- Brilcrist

    April 2017- tsulala

    June 2017- GreyZCat

    Aug.2017- Hemou (Nngs)
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    Sexy OtaYuri set by my Secret Santa ^_^

    ~Proud to be an AarinGirl~
    ~My Great Family --> here
    My cards and thanks <-- big update recently
    Otabek is MINE --> here
    AkuRoku pairing is MINE --> here
    AkuNo CO pairing is MINE --> here
    Otabek/Yuri P/Victor OT3 is MINE --> here
    Axel/Kotetsu/Rin CO OT3 is MINE --> here



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