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    Artist of the Month- June 2017

    This month's entry was chosen and written by Nuara.

    Artist name: GreyZCat

    Link to their gallery/page with their artwork:
    GreyZCat | DeviantArt

    So far I wouldn't say that the pictures with partial nudity would be 18+, but more like R/NC-17.. But I'm not very strict myself.
    She posts most of the art to both sources. Cropping may differ.

    Chosen artwork to be featured:
    Captured Shiro: Captured Shiro by GreyZCat on DeviantArt
    Yuri x Victor: Yuri x Victor by GreyZCat on DeviantArt
    Yurio x Otabek 2: Yurio x Otabek 2 by GreyZCat on DeviantArt
    Sheith Flower Exhange: Sheith Flower Exchange by GreyZCat on DeviantArt

    Any info/comments you would like to include about the artist and/or their work:
    She clearly loves Shiro x Keith - I can't blame her.
    However, what captivated my eyes was her style. It's rather rough, but I love her way to use colours - For some reason it distantly reminded me of Zarita Ranmaru's art.
    She also have a great talent draw both, semi-realistic and stylized characters

    Awesome Bakugou set by Otaru Sushi ^_^

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    cool art!! very interesting!
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