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    following Victuri and Otayuri to all their performances to watch their cute moments together ♥

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    Artist of the Month- Jan. 2017

    This month's artist was picked and written by Sakurazukamory.

    Artist of the Month - Jan.2017

    Artist name: NaSyu

    Link to their gallery/page with their artwork:
    NaSyu (Artmetica) - DeviantArt

    Chosen artwork to be featured:
    Snow by NaSyu on DeviantArt
    Falling for You by NaSyu on DeviantArt
    Flowers by NaSyu on DeviantArt

    Any info/comments you would like to include about the artist and/or their work:
    I discovered this awesome author while reading a wonderful fanfic called Winterheart by goddamnhella. Unfortunately I'm no longer able to find this fic, however I am glad that I still have this extraordinary art that reminds me of it.

    Awesome Bakugou set by Otaru Sushi ^_^

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