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    Artist of the Month- Apr. 2016

    Don't forget everyone that you can also submit an artist suggestion. Please check out this thread http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/f12/t1...ggestions.html for details. Please note that for every submission, you get 50,000 points now.

    This month's artist was picked and written by Edainwen.
    (note: I just copied and pasted this so please don't mind the spelling/grammar from Edainwen)

    Artist name: LOIKA (kachiky some time ago)

    Link to their gallery/page with their artwork:

    *3 days march
    *3 days march / blog (andatsea)

    Chosen artwork to be featured: (I can't choose so I will show)
    The first I ever so of her:
    My first step in one of my most loved ships. This make me so intrigued that I ended caught. They are travellers of many worlds (alone and together) mostly saw like this
    in landscapes.
    Her techniques! this reflection of the sky
    One of my most beloved in this magic ways of her, i truly felt like the echo of the bell is going around
    *3 days march / blog (andatsea) : Photo

    special moments of magic

    But they aren't the only ones many people are searching running living in loika worlds
    The twins
    *3 days march / blog (andatsea) : Photo
    they are running from a mistery, they were together years but now they are split...
    Demon girl
    *3 days march / blog (andatsea) : Photo
    *3 days march / blog (andatsea) : Photo

    She was so sad, crying, screaming, in water and always falling, after many years of seeing her alone another character
    White girl
    joined her

    But she also makes Fanworks
    This sutil kaworu and shinji make me felt so much. Is amaizing, soft, sad and dramatic for myself becouse one can loose sight of kaworu and not see him even when he is there for shinji.

    Killua Gon, beautifull movent in the fall and the ocean
    *3 days march / blog (andatsea) : Photo
    And her imagination is... this thought of a slytherin windows make the comparition of dark dungeon (of harry pov in book) blow away for the truly magic of the castle and another appreciation of reality.

    Any info/comments you would like to include about the artist and/or their work:
    It was so so hard to choose a few...hahah a few are imposible for me.
    Also i'm just jumping becouse this universe is just more and more bigger each time i come back. So for years i just go any few month but!!!! owww one need to check his counts separaly, some works are only posted in one. and many comic and thoughts of the characters.
    Im truly over hells for the spellcaster and keeper!! (and checking for this event i saw!! saw that she made a novel of them!!! (i'm hiper now)
    I will end this pm before I run to see all that becouse I truly love this artist.

    About her, I know that she is very protective of her work, and sell it in diferents ways, one truly need see this artist from her very first post in 3 days mars and tumblr (3 days march / blog (andatsea)). (one can spend hours looking what she love of photografy) The idea of many images to make a story of her is lovely. Her way of making a story with images is truly lovely years of works that are making a shape very slowly. Her character are secretive and always hidding part of them
    for the kepper the firsts images were of his middle part always up his waist, and when he was show like a centaur was amaizing! The spellcaster was another character traveling alone to see them together in a very sutil landscape.
    But many character were left so here my last link.
    *3 days march / blog (andatsea) : Photo
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    Awesome Bakugou set by Otaru Sushi ^_^

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    Really precious.

    Gorgeous colors and that cozy atmosphere . . . Love it! <333

    Thanks, Twinstar!

    Awesome Coloration by UkeChan ♥ ♥ Gorgeous Set by celtic7irish

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    wow, these works got awesome atmosphere! Just followed their twitter

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    (note: I just copied and pasted this so please don't mind the spelling/grammar from Edainwen)
    I'm dying of Shame!!! hahahah but I'm so glad "3 Days March" was chosen that I don't care hahahahha ... much
    (○ //v/ ○) Thank you (A lot) for the previous artists. hahahaha
    See ya!! Edainwen



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