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    Artist of the Month- Sept. 2015

    This month's artist was picked and written by me.

    Artist of the Month - Sept. 2015

    Artist: P-RO (aka. Nomorepros)

    Gallery Links:
    Deviant Art: P-RO's DeviantArt gallery
    Tumblr: NO MORE P-ROS
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/nomorepros
    Storenvy: PRAWN.prints | Home | Online Store Powered by Storenvy

    Featured Artworks:
    Links: http://d111vui60acwyt.cloudfront.net...n_original.png

    Cop Rin commission I asked her to make for me this year :3

    This Canadian artist, has blown my mind over and over. I have had the privilege to meet her at Otakuthon 2 years in a row and I make sure to buy some prints from her each time. She is not afraid to use bold and striking colors and insane outlining. She has a massive talent towards tattooing as well (her full time career) and I only wish she didn't live 8hrs away from me so I can get one from her That aside, her style is quite original and wacky at times. She hasn't drawn a lot of BL (I have seen a couple but they are hard to find or are only sketches), but I know she loves yaoi based off a NSFW blog she has a link to in her tumblr about page (obviously rated 18+ if you check it out). My fav works of hers are obviously her Free! fanart. My goal is to buy all of them but so far I have 6 The Arabian Rin piece I showed in this post is the first one I bought from her (with the matching Arabian Haru print). I was even lucky enough to be able to order a commission from her. Next year I plan to get one again but in color (if I see her early enough). I encourage everyone to check out her stuff if you like the examples I have posted here. She is one that is not forgotten easily.
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    Awesome Bakugou set by Otaru Sushi and twinning with darkfaith ^_^

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