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    Artist of the Month- June 2015

    This month's artist was picked and written by me.

    Artist of the Month - June 2015

    Artist: Nijuuni (Erin Wong)

    Gallery Links:
    Deviant Art: Nijuuni (Erin) - DeviantArt
    Tumblr: Let's Party in my Kookie Jar

    Featured Artworks:
    Link: AkuRoku - Smoke of the Kiseru by Nijuuni on DeviantArt
    AkuNo - Succumb by Nijuuni on DeviantArt
    Apples by Nijuuni on DeviantArt

    What can I say about Nijuuni? Well for starters, her work is some of the best I have ever seen. I may be a bit biased since her fav fanart to make is Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, but it goes way beyond that.

    Her lineart is perfect, well defined, precise and really smooth. The details she puts into most of her artwork are fabulous. Her color pallet is stunning and gives depth to her characters.

    I have the privilage to own some of her work and especially the doujin she has been working on, called Savior Savior Prologue by Nijuuni on DeviantArt

    I always look forward to seeing new artwork from her. Her style is unique to me and so beautiful. I wish I could say more but to me, I couldn't say anything that could do her artwork enough justice.
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    Awesome Bakugou set by Otaru Sushi and twinning with darkfaith ^_^

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